Rachel is DEAD!!!!

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Default Rachel is DEAD!!!!

Rachel is dead...

Well she would be if there really was a Rachel. Let me start at the beginning. Sit back and enjoy the tales of Fat Scotty...
Tuesday I got a call about a shady motor deal that went on a couple of months ago and the person was asking me about the reputation of Fat Scotty. Whereas one of our fellow OSO'ers sent money in good faith to Fat Scotty, the motors never showed. Scott arranged for transportation of the motors but then said they were caught in customs in South Carolina??? There are no customs offices in South Carolina.
After discussing some things with the caller, myself Stecz and Masher started to do some investigating with the info that had been provided us, didnít take long to start reeling from the smell of crap and lies. This on top of the heaping pile that had been served to us on OSO, two super bowl rings, NFL linebacker, Mum & Dad has an outerlimits, just bought a new Ferrari, house in Naples yada yada yada. Then to come on here and further play on the emotions and the caring nature of board members.
This fat piece of scum came on here and tried to win people over for the sole purpose of scamming and to make his miserable pathetic life seem of some value. Although we (sbrt) had our doubts about him, we never cared as none of us were in any financial dealings with him; after all it was just kidding on the net... UNTIL we found out he got one of our own for some money. Then it got serious. We checked lots of different info and read posts and reread posts, called people that ol tub o lard called friends and the lies started to unravel.
The lies of boats bought and to buy are endless, the amusing irony is "big", rumor has it one of the cigs he looked at, he couldnít even fit in the bolster. The entire time story was the same. He would name drop and people would believe.
The sheer fact that this parasite of a person "invented" an accident to attract some attention to him is pathetic; he is a traitor to us as boaters. Then to come on here everyday and post such senseless drivel about how he is hurting and preying on the kindness and sympathy of the board members.
So for those that posted in response to those lies, the following info may be of interest to you...

Scott Swire
Quality Carriers
(905) 469-0255
2378 Royal Windsor Drive
Oakville, ON L6J7Y2

Scott Swire
94-A Dundurn St S
Hamilton, ON L8P4K2

Ph: 905-667-4211
Nextel: 905*638*5476

EVERYTHING, this man has posted about himself is a lie. Other than the fact he is big well I personally think fat is fat not big. The above info and addresses are correct. He is under investigation for scamming people on a motorcycle site in Canada as well. The sheer fact that this worm used to call us everyday to try to make himself seem legit shows the lengths that someone of his ilk will go through to be accepted and to perpetrate a scam.

None of this would have been possible without the help of the following people:

Marc Blondin- Boatme on OSO
Heath Blondin-Heath at Trick marine on OSO
Matt Conroy- Pastaboatin on OSO (e-dock homo)
OSO Steve and crew
Sean-Airpacker on OSO
Stecz- yea him on OSO
Jack Erskine- Owner Pier Pressure Marine (great guy...look him up)
Gino- Lubejobs on OSO
Masher- him too on OSO
Packinair- packinfudge on OSO

It's very hard for me to post without filling the screen with obscenities. I truly hope you die a slow and painful worm infested death. I hope you enjoy the view you have now, as soon the inside of a cell and the smile of a big cellmate calling you "wifeĒ will be music to all of our ears....

Let this be a lesson to the strength of the members of this board, you want to lie and defraud one of us, you will be found out.... anyone that rejects you checking them out doesnít deserve your business. If ANYONE tells you they are a friend of mine or any of my online friends, just call us or pm us and ask...It's that simple, if I havenít met them in person, there is NO WAY I will vouch for them.

I apologize for my posting of the accident thread, until the beginning of this week I had no knowledge of the fraud. As Marc, Sean, Gino, Masher and Stecz can attest, once I did I didnít rest until I felt I had done something, between the few of us, the phones were ringing off the hook.

Fat Scotty was brought to my attention about a month ago, the motor deal wasnít mentioned then, had it been, I'm sure the conversation would have been different....the person that this applies to knows what I'm talking about.

I'm hoping this can stay in GD; however I must ask that everyone respect Steve's rules of the site and refrain from posting profanity....yea, we are all pissed, but this one wonít get away!!!! So now that you are reading this Fat Scotty, A certain person on this board better have some money in his hands by close of business on Monday or the RCMP will be paying you a visit.

WE all remember the moose thread when a board member got scammed. I feel it is our duties to let this piece of bile know what we think of him on a daily basis.


The pic below is lard-ass...
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Default Re: Rachel is DEAD!!!!

Can you say BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pathetic Loser.

Now, where's Ginos money scumbag??????
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Default Re: Rachel is DEAD!!!!

This is sickening!
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Default Re: Rachel is DEAD!!!!

Good work you guys
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Default Re: Rachel is DEAD!!!!

Rob, you forgot one number

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Default Re: Rachel is DEAD!!!!

I've been thinking that this whole thing wasn't true from the get go, but didn't say anything because I thought that I'd be flamed. What a dick!!!
Happily retired and living in Heavens waiting room.
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Default Re: Rachel is DEAD!!!!

I even said special prayers for them.
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Default Re: Rachel is DEAD!!!!


I dont even know what to say....i felt sorry for you man.

Thanks alot bro
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Default Re: Rachel is DEAD!!!!

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Default Re: Rachel is DEAD!!!!

Originally Posted by BigScotty
I am truly sorry - you have no idea how it is to hate yourself so much, you convince yourself you are someone else, and create a completely different reality to try and live in. It is sick, and twisted, and I wish I was dead.

Gino's money will be returned to him by close of business day on Monday - no one will ever hear from me again. Perhaps death is the only thing I have left.

I am truly sorry to all.
Unfortunatly you are a pathalogical lier so we don't believe that either......
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Quick Reply: Rachel is DEAD!!!!

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