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Who has stuffed a boat?

Old 01-27-2003, 12:20 PM
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I stuffed a 38 foot Larry smith kevlar SCARAB with 3 outboards. I did special dive and boat stuff for the NAvy. 6-7footers off the coast of Port HUeneme Calif running around 50 when after landing from a big jump the next wave was closier and took about 2 feet of GREEN water over the WHOLE boat. Engines kept running and so did the bildge pumps. scared the **** out of me. All I have to say it a Larry Smith Scarab is biult to last. Many of times I had the boat so high that it came straight down on the motors. thank god MIKE J did the rigging first rate or the motors were sure to have come off. The boat flew perfect although all that was in it was a 3 person bolster and 120 gal of gas. Do interior or any thing else.

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Red face too many to remember...but

Brett Furshman's F2 38 Cig in Gov't Cut- 27 Warlock Ft Myers testing on Fri (yes it was rough) 30 Phantom - Lauderdale OPBRA - The most damage was the Warlock - ripped seats out , throttle bent, broken tail bone- got 2nd on Sat - BH
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Uncle Toys
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Originally posted by Uncle Toys
Well said!.
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Rough Water- I have known Vic for years, wasn't that a 265 Force (87 I think).

Stuffed a 26 Scarab in 92 on the way back from Chicago to Hammond around 11pm when the Storm blew up.

Stuffed a 38 Sonic in 99 outside of South Haven bent the wheel, it was like going off a cliff into the next one.

Duck when it is coming.

Haven't stuffed the Apache !
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This summer I had my parents, cousin, his wife and 13yr. old daughter on my 28 Cig. We were in Sandusky Bay it was gettin dark and kinda rough they were in a hurry to get home (west Harbor) and the women were in the back *****ing about how rough it was So I had my tabs pretty far down going about 60 trying to keep as smooth a ride as I could. We hit a group of 3 or 4 large waves coming out of the bay onto the lake. The first one brought the boat outa the water, the second caught the transom and slammed the bow down right into the base of the 3rd. My dad saw it coming and ducked, my cousin and I ate the wave as we plowed right through it. As the wave shot over the deck it felt like my head was being ripped off. Definately not fun.
As non boaters none of them had any idea what was going on, and when we got back to the dock they thought it was cool and wanted to do it again.
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The boat was a U19 (19foot deep V ) the boat is very low profile classic 18 donzi style, no windshield.I was on a date,we were both dressed up , my date (now my wife) was in a gown.We went to a restaurent and traveled all inshore in the state chanel .After the affair , I wanted to show off a little and ran towards the Jones beach Inlet at about 70mph, it was calm 1 to 2 footers ,perfect for a 19foot 24degree V hull, hit a 3 footer launched for great air then out of nowhere a 6 footer was breaking over the top , no time to even yell,the boat went from 70mph to 25mph instantly ,the force of the water tore the gown off my date (funny now-not at all funny then)tore the contacts out of her eyes ,gave me 2 black eyes and a bloody nose,I powered through as best I could but had to pull a hard port turn as the boat lost to much speed to go through another wave .A self bailing cockpit and 2 bilge pumps kept us afloat. the boat ran long enough to get us back inside then stalled from water intake we both had black and blue knees I broke 2 ribs and the boat had to have fuel injectors removed and cleaned .Purely a case of not enough boat and too big water.Never forget who is in charge.
I asked her to marry me the next day !U19 is a great hull no damage !
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Originally Posted by Ron P View Post
Stuffed my Canopied Phantom at slow speed coming into an unfamiliar inlet after a race in Florida. It was like being in a fish bowl looking out the canopy.

There are two types of stuffs talked about here. A stuff that happens when your going too slow for the water conditions and those that are caused by a transom trip at high speed.

The high speed ones were generally caused by too much trim for the conditions or going too fast. The slow speed ones are cause by not enough speed or hull length.
I tripped my 22 avanti In consistent 2's - 3s... decided to trim up slightly... increased speed - probably 60ish mph skipping on top... then the I hit a set from a big cruiser - cleared first then put it towards the moon - stern caught last wave and slammed bow back down... i ducked under the fairing and saw the wall of water go over. very lucky And I have always ran a much more neutral trim since. you live you learn.

edit - memorial day weekend ky lake - windy... was first time I had ever boated in anything over a rogue 2 footer.

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I've tunneled a couple waves but always came back out the other side. Watched a buddy "stuff" a 20' boat once. Stopped him dead like he hit a brick wall. We still think the bow hit bottom at some point. Lucky to be alive. Chalk it up to being stupid kids with boats.
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