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Another stereo question - speakers

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Default Re: Another stereo question - speakers

Yes, must go with big power!!! Take from me, I'm a live engineer, know a little about that. Co-axials sound better because when you put the tweeter in the center instead of lining components up (vertical is typical), it negates the need for more complex crossover networks. When speakers are non-coincident (this is most of the world) there's going to be problems in the transfer areas of each speaker when they are combined together. The transfer areas are where the woofer quits working and the tweeter picks up. (typically around 2000 hertz). Using cheap crossovers, each speaker will roll off sound very slowly meaning they are each working on each other's intended frequencies. This causes all kind of problems we pro audio guys call comb filtering. Each speaker is making the same sound but the tweeter is smaller and will react more quickly than the woofer and will make sound first. The woofer's soundwaves that are a little bit behind in time will interfere with the tweeter's soundwaves and when combined there will be problems in that range that the 2 speakers are common in. And because the tweeter is seperated, there will be those aforementioned problems happening between those 2 speakers (physically) The bigger the speakers, the bigger the problems. That's why my P.A. systems use complicated crossovers and time alignment settings. If one of my settings are off by a few MICRO seconds, then my whole system sounds messed up. The only drawback to co-axial speakers is that the high frequencies will be very pinpointed to a small, area. In other words the sweetspot will be smaller but will sound over all better. Listen to a female's singing voice in different sets of speakers. That will tell you if there are problems or not. If she sounds like she's singing through a straw or seashell, YUCK. An eq will only turn that nastiness down, not fix it. I suggest going with co-axials, a much simpler setup and it will sound better, the woofer and tweeter won't "fight" each other in a certain frequency range. There is more to this, but I'm tired of typing for now.

Bigyellowcat, did you read my post in The Bilge? I know CES was this weekend, think I'll bump it up, it's pretty far back now.
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Default Re: Another stereo question - speakers

yeah, what he said. I did not see that thread but just went and read it, unless you want to sit at a desk and write code you do not want to become a crestron or amx programmer. and there are kids in high school now that are good programmers, so it would be hard to get alot of money starting out because they will work for cheep. I build some crazy audio stuff which is fun, but does not make much money. But I have a new audio project that you might know how to market, or who to talk to. and you would probably be able to run it so call me next week and we can talk.
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Default Re: Another stereo question - speakers

Thanks for the help guys!
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