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Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Old 04-12-2006, 09:58 PM
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Originally Posted by hvyhitter19

.......since my lovely finance and cousin thought it was so funny........

Would that be a first or second cousin, that y'all be fixin to marry there??

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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

18 years old.....I'm idling out of the Kenosha harbor which is pretty long. First run of the spring. I'm in my Dads 18 Donzi and feel like a stud.

I'm approaching open water when it dawns on me the boat sounds about like a Ski Nautique. Pretty quit for thru hull exhaust.

I walk back and open the engine hatch and see I'm about to sink the boat. It's then I realize the exhaust petcocks are still open from the winter.

So much for feeling like a stud......
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Originally Posted by drypipetiger
Could of been much worse... Thank your luck stars and buy and nice pair of wheel chucks.
I'd buy some wheel CHOCKS (about 5 bucks a pair at WalMart):

I don't think CHUCKS are gonna do much good.

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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

the matco tool guy that serviced our dealership did the ujoint thng but couldnt get out of the way, the rear wheels of the tool laden truck ran him over and almost killed him! he was in the hospital for months and i dont know if he ever went back to work.
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

I was at Smitty's marine in Brick NJ waiting to put my boat in the sling.
Ed's son comes around the corner with a 38 Scarab being pushed with
a forklift that had a ball on the end of the fork. He hits a bump and the
trailer pops off .........headed straight for the front of my dually !!!

Well I wasn't getting in the middle rolled about 30 feet and
one of the guys who works there threw a 4x4 under the trailer wheels,
stopped that thing 2 feet short of planting 2 bravos in my grill
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Old 04-12-2006, 10:44 PM
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

I had the slow motion thing happen to me in the driveway. Our driveway is nearly level (or so I thought). I had parked my new 22' cat with twin o/b's in the driveway, unhooked and parked the truck. I then was admiring my new toy and leaning on the trailer. It rolled slowly into my almost as new Mercedes parked in the garage. Of course the sharp cleaver prop had to hit the bulls eye right into the tailight and trunk lid. $$$$$ I did not know if I should laugh or cry.
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

You're pretty lucky. I stopped to visit a long-time customer a few weeks ago. He wasn't there. He was mowing with a tractor at home and stopped to open a gate. When he jumped down, he unlatched the brake. He reached to engage it by hand but it was too late- the tractor ran over him and he got caught under the mower deck. Dragged him quite a ways. They said it took several hours for him to bleed to death- they found him later that night.

You can always buy more stuff- but only if you survive.
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

One Of My Best Friends Told Me The Best New Boat Owner Story Ever. Just A Few Years Ago, His Condo Was At The 9mm At Loto When He Had The Pleasure Of Observing A New Boat Owner Taking The First Splash Of His New Pontoon. He Thought This Was Safe To Assume Because Every Child On Board Was Still Wearing The Orange Around Your Neck Life Jackets When They Got Out Of The Truck And Boarded The Boat On Land. The Owner Proceeded To Back Trailer Down Ramp And Into The Water. He Got Out And Proceeded To Looked Puzzled As He Had Forgotten The Lecture From The Boat Delivery On How To "unleash" The Boat From The Vehicle. It Was Very Amusing To Watch For Many As They Saw Him Pull The Receiver Pin On The Hitch Of The Trailer As The Means To The "unleashing". None The Less, The Boat Floated And The Man Parked The Vehicle In The Lot Across The Cove From Everyone. It Took A Few Seconds After He Got In The Boat And Continued To Put The Boat In Forward And Reverse To Figure Out That The Boat Would Not Go Anywhere. His Large Wife Yelling, The Man Finally Listened To Everyone From My Friends Dock Saying That He Had Made A Small Error In Launching, I.e. Launched Too Much Equipment Which Took Several Hours And Several Of The Audiences' Help To Retrieve Back To The Shore Where It Belonged. I Have Made Several "what The Hell Was I Thinking" Moves, Yet This One I Thought Was Worth Mentioning, Unfortunately At The Expense Of A Past Boater(1 Best Day Of Owning, Day Bought And The Day Launched With The Trailer Attached And Sold Same Day).
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

well last year one week before the Jacksonville poker run i was working on the boat in my garage had the hatch up. another board member from here called me on the phone so as we talked i decided to jump in my truck and pull the boat out of the garage so i could hook the water to it and crank it . well the hatch hit the top of the door and broke the hatch in half, i almost did cry but my brother came over and two more friends and on Wednesday night before we were to leave on Thursday we put it back on fixed like new
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

I had the boat shift on the trailer as I was backing down a steep ramp. I never undo the winch strap until I'm sure the boat won't slide anywhere but in the water. Well, I hop out and go to crank the handle and that MOFO is tight. I get to feelin my oats(you, know, 5 days in the gym) and give it a hard yank. It loosens enough to disengage the pin and flys out of my hand. It was spinning so fast it hit my wrist and forearm 3 or 4 times before I could get out of the way. My arm instantly swells and turns purple, I'm sure I have broken it.

Of course I re-attached the winch cable and pulled the boat out. Took it home and put the hose to it and washed it all off. I put the cockpit cover on and trailer locks and such. I did all that with ONE arm. I then went to the hospital and had it x-rayed and soft cast put on. I also drove in the Sarasota race the next weekend with the soft cast on.

On a side note, if the ER ever asks you to describe your pain on a scale of 1-10, tell them it's a FUKKIN 15 !!! I said it was like a 4 or 5 and they let me wait for 3 hrs until I went and screamed that it was now an 11 !!!!
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