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Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Old 04-13-2006, 10:49 AM
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

When I wass 16 I had a donzi regazza and left the plug in during a tropical storm. upon coming home the boat was filled with water but it was just below the carberator, almost got into the motor.... we were worried that it had seeped in but we replaced the starter and it ran fine for years... the thing literally sunk on the trailer

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Old 04-13-2006, 10:49 AM
Were doomed!
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

years back when my friends and i were into jetskiis a buddy and i went out one saturday. Since there was only two skis we didnt bother with a trailer and stuffed them both into the bed of my pickup. So we get to the ramp and proceed with our routine of getting ready. Unhook the straps, gass up etc.....well i start backing down the ramp with my buddy sitting on my tailgate leaning up against the skii's. Now for those of you that have never been at the ramps at North Point marina in Zion IL....they very arent steep but they are NO WHERE near flat!!! So i'm just getting over the creat of the top of the ramp and the truck is now fully tiled downward when i see the skii's starting to slid out of the bed!!! (its amazing how fast your brain can work in panic situations!!) Throughs of my then new ski hitting the ground and causing fibeglass damage was not an option to me......For a split second i take my foot off the brake to stop the truck but i think crap its only goona make then slide i floor the truck and go barreling down the ramp and drive the truck into the water covering half the rear buddy goes flying like superman with the skii's.....fuel jugs....straps....and anything else that was loose right into the water!!! his ski gets some damage and has cracks on the bottom but nothing bad.....i lost some tools to the deep.....the DNR that was watching us was laughing his a$$ off saying its the best entertainment he's seen in a long time and actually comments on my quick thinking.....and the old couple that were launched in the bay next to us that were unloading were staring at us like we were insane!

Another time also when launching our ski's....we were at a launch ramp in Evanston where theres alot of sand covering the ramp.....dude in a newish vette with a waverunner in tow on this ramp if you dont have help or a truck you have to do deep in the water to get watercraft off the he backs in and his tires are in the water....sitting on the sand. HE gets out and pulls the waverunner off the trailer and goes to dock it. In the mean time we see the vette starting to slide backwards!!! it goes in the drink far enough that water enters the door opening and floods the rear of the car! DOH!!! he drove it out but i cant imagine how it must smell in that car now!!!

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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Originally Posted by mikes280
well last year one week before the Jacksonville poker run i was working on the boat in my garage had the hatch up. another board member from here called me on the phone so as we talked i decided to jump in my truck and pull the boat out of the garage so i could hook the water to it and crank it . well the hatch hit the top of the door and broke the hatch in half, i almost did cry but my brother came over and two more friends and on Wednesday night before we were to leave on Thursday we put it back on fixed like new
Hi, my name is Rich, and I have commited a" boating screw up" .
I just read this post, and it's time to fess up. I just did the very same thing, last fall when winterizing the boat. I pulled the boat out of the garage to start it up,while the hatch was still up. Boat was just f-in re-upholstered earlier last year. Did not wreck the material, but pulled all the hinge screws and piston screws right out of its base. Been stewing about it all winter. Dumbass!! Now deciding on how to repair stripped screw holes, or bring it back to replace the wood base.
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Those orange chocks are ok, but I still wouldn't trust them.
The chocks I have are steel and have a flat plate that the tire has to roll part way onto before hitting the chock itself. This way the chock cannot be pulled, kicked, or knocked out from under the tires. The trailer has to be backed up and off the chocks/plates before they can be removed.
I bought these at PepBoys about 10 years ago. Don't know if they, or anyone else, carries a similar type.
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

LMAO! BTW, I saw you towing your boat through Waldorf this morning, It looks NICE!

Originally Posted by hvyhitter19
OK... I'll start...

Tonight, I backed the boat into the driveway and took it off the truck everything was good... I was excited about climbing into the boat to hear the new Stereo that was installed today... So I hop out of my truck after parking it on the street... Turn around and BAM!!! The boat starts rolling down my driveway towards the steet, so first instinct is to try to stop it, so I jump in front and start pushing backwards (amazing how the Gym doesn't prepare you to stop a 7000lb rolling object)... So It's scraping across the street towards the neighbors driveway on the plate of the jack and finally it slams into the lip of concrete and comes to a hault after bending the hell out of the jack... So then the boat is stretched all the way across the road, completley blocking it... The Jack is bent so bad that I cannot jack it up high enough to get my truck under it to get hooked back up... So I had to call my cousin to come over with a jack so we could get it up enough to get my truck back under it and push it back into the driveway... Of course by the time he gets to the house (only 10 minutes) I have cars lined up in both directions that have no where to go since I am blocking the only road to about 40 houses....

SO... It's been a good night... Anyone know where I can get a new Jack for theTrailer...??

I know I'm not alone so let's hear it... I'll even post a pic, since my lovely finance and cousin thought it was so funny they needed to take pics...

Moral of the story... Always use Wheel Chucks...

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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Thanks Dave M... That wasn't me though I had someone go get it and take it back to the Shop to get the Stereo Finished... I couldn't get it back on my truck with the Jack all bent up without a floor jack...

I had a new Trailer Jack Overnighted this morning, so I will be back in business tomorrow and might even have to go for a run tomorrow... If not then Sat. for sure...

Glad you all could enjoy this...

P.S. Only Cost $120 and a little embarressment... Not too bad considering what it could have been...
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Anyone with twins ever go to flush one motor but have the "ear muffs" on the other motor so you are running the motor dry in the process? Did it last weekend................20-25 seconds of dry running!
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Originally Posted by Sydwayz
I don't think CHUCKS are gonna do much good.
Unless they are CHUCK NORRIS!!!
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Originally Posted by X-Rated30
Unless they are CHUCK NORRIS!!!
he will kick your azz for saying that
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

A couple years ago I was at the ramp launching my boat and I look over at the guy next to me pulling his boat out . He had a fairly new Dozi 18 classic on probably the worst looking trailer I have ever seen, it honestly looked like he spent all his money on the boat and was using an old trailer that he may have used for his old fishing boat. Anyway he backs down in the water hooks the winch ROPE! to the trailer (now while all this is going on his young son is still sitting in the boat) he gets back in his truck and thats when I notice that he is one of those guys that feel like he needs to use every little bit for horsepower to pull his boat up the ramp. He floors is the boat comes out of the water he gets it halfway up the ramp and the rope snaps . His new boat with his son inside rolls backward off the trailer and slams into concrete. After laughing my ass off at his expense I launched my boat and docked it and then spent the next 2 hours helping him get his boat back on the trailer. It caused alot of damage but the next time i saw him at the ramp he did have a brand new trailer under the boat.

Just a reminder when you are spending alot of money dont skimp on the small things.
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