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Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Old 04-13-2006, 05:58 PM
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Old neighbor who had skaters, scarabs, sea rays, etc.. tons of experience on the water but couldn't back a trailer up worth crap ... calls me and asks me if I can pull his trailer around to the ramp so he could load his new boat up as he left it in a slip overnight. I said sure.. but I can't get over there till noon. I get to his house and the boat is already on the trailer hooked up at the house...figured he got impatient as usual. I park and head for the house and see a trail of blood. Not just a few drops but alot of blood. He is inside swearing up and had a towel wrapped around his leg ... blood all over carpet, kitchen floor..

He got it out himself alright - pulled the boat up to the ramp, got the truck and backed it in, hooked up the trailer and pulled it out. Got back out to wipe it down and said he heard a loud noise... he had left the engines running!! He freaked because he had no way to get up into the boat so be climbed up the front of the trailer, got on the deck and got her shut down. On the way back down he slid off the deck and caught the trailer.. ripped a nasty deep one about a foot long in his leg... limped around beachin' and moanin' all summer.
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

First time posting here but I couldnt resist! A few years back I was putting my boat in the lake at night, by myself and backed down the launch, unhooked the boat, then jumped in to fire the motor. Tried to back off the trailer but I wasnt in the water far enough so I got out of the boat onto the dock and back in the truck. As im backing up a few feet farther I see the front navigation light slowly floatin away!!!! Well I left the boat in reverse on the trailer and didnt realize it cause it was stuck. I ran down to the end of the dock and jumped about 3-4 feet onto the bow of the boat and got her stopped. Even a half a second longer that sucker would have been in the middle of the lake in reverse! Not a soul around at 9:00 on a Friday night to go fetch it either. Thats what happens when ya have a couple on your way TO the lake!
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Was putting my first twin engine boat in for the first time and had put the props on the wrong drives. Sat on the ramp reving the motors in reverse and the boat just wanted to go forward, thank god nobody was around. I learned real fast how to tell the right prop from the left.
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Old 04-13-2006, 07:14 PM
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Lots of funny stories here,done my fairshare too.. forget to put the plug in wonderin why it was acting sluggish cause it was full of water... can't figure out why it won't back of the trailer cause ya forgot to take the tie down straps of the back!!! but witnessed the best show at my local ramp on a slow weekend....

Idling after lauching, waiting for my wife to park and come back to the boat. Watchin some fisherman ready to go out with what looked like a rental 23-25 foot i/o..One guy backing it down, One holding the bow line...3 others directing the driver down the ramp each with a different order. The driver gets so F'in pissed slams the brakes on, boat slides off the trailer with about 10 feet to go to the water,4 people that just couldn't believe their eyes , and me without a camera!!!
Lesson #1 never unhook the bow strap until its floating
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Old 04-13-2006, 08:51 PM
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Originally Posted by hvyhitter19
OK... I'll start...

Tonight, I backed the boat into the driveway and took it off the truck everything was good... I was excited about climbing into the boat to hear the new Stereo that was installed today... So I hop out of my truck after parking it on the street... Turn around and BAM!!! The boat starts rolling down my driveway towards the steet, so first instinct is to try to stop it, so I jump in front and start pushing backwards (amazing how the Gym doesn't prepare you to stop a 7000lb rolling object)... So It's scraping across the street towards the neighbors driveway on the plate of the jack and finally it slams into the lip of concrete and comes to a hault after bending the hell out of the jack... So then the boat is stretched all the way across the road, completley blocking it... The Jack is bent so bad that I cannot jack it up high enough to get my truck under it to get hooked back up... So I had to call my cousin to come over with a jack so we could get it up enough to get my truck back under it and push it back into the driveway... Of course by the time he gets to the house (only 10 minutes) I have cars lined up in both directions that have no where to go since I am blocking the only road to about 40 houses....

SO... It's been a good night... Anyone know where I can get a new Jack for theTrailer...??

I know I'm not alone so let's hear it... I'll even post a pic, since my lovely finance and cousin thought it was so funny they needed to take pics...

Moral of the story... Always use Wheel Chucks...

I like the way you got her chocked to the curb now, afraid it was gona roll back up the hill?
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

I have a couple of stories.
I dumped a standup jetski out the back of the truck in my parents driveway. Luckily it was a old piece of junk, so just picked it up and thew it back in.
Went down to the beach with a buddy, had one motorcycle in the back of a truck and the other on a trailer. We unhooked the trailer so we could both unload at the same time. When I was backing my bike off the trailer, the trailer started to tilt backwards and took off with bike, trailer and I down the parking lot. Luckily my buddy jumped out and onto the front of the trailer to stop it.
Two years ago went down to the public launch to swap boats on a trailer and got to watch some new boat owners try to get a boat on the trailer. They had a 30ft SeaRay they were towing behind a S10 Blazer. They didn't have the trailer in deep enough and the husband didn't have the balls to give any throttle to get all the way up on the trailer. Well the wife get impatient and tells him to dock it and let her do it. Well she backs the boat up 20ft and puts it in drive and about 1000rpm and rams the trailer about 3 times. I has just waiting for her to miss the trailer but it wasn't my luck day.
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

went to start a race when, I THOUGHT,did i remember to put the drive box plugs in

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Are we having fun, yet?
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

This one happened back in the early 70's. A friend of mine and I both had Checkmates. We worked the 11-7 shift and would go skiing after work, during the week, while the lake was quiet. He towed his boat with 65' chevelle SS, 4 speed. He had a bad habit of backing down the ramp, setting the parking brake and leaving the engine running. His luck finally ran out. He got out of the car to put the plug in and remove the strap, when the e-brake cable pops. That's right, in the drink, completely submerged and the boat still strapped to the trailer. Needless to, it was all downhill from there.
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

Unhooked the trailer once but forgot to take the saftey chain off the hitch. I pulled away and the trailer came with me.
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Default Re: Biggest Boating "Screw Up"

I had Stecz, Masher and JC in my boat at that...
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