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Best used 27 footer

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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

I like to have stand-up bolsters if possible. Cabin is not a huge deal, but a basic one at least would be good. I do like the sunsations...Twins would also be good
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

pantera 28'
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Originally Posted by ToTheMax
I'm looking around 50K give or take. I;ve seen lots of Fountain, Donzi and Baja's listed at that range, but I'm open to any brand. I'm looking for something that has good resale value, well-built and dependable, while still giving good performance (70+), and preferably less than 10 yrs old

(I may have to look for a fountain 32 as well! )
Well if you are looking for a real 27 footer, Fountain, Donzi, and Baja are the wrong place, unless you want a mass-produced, production-line type boat like a Checkmate, Baja, Bucyrus, Ohio built boat. You need to look for a 27 Activator, Kryptonite, or Superboat, for the real thing. I know it's a coincidence that all the boats are built in Long Island, but thats where the real 22-30's are made!
Just my $.02
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

I asked the same question 9 months ago, and got the same across the board answers including the insults on production boats. Since then, I have learned a lot so I will share what I know, and cut out the bias as best as I can.

First decide if you want a boat with a wrap around windshield/eurostyle or just a fairing/classic transom design. Choose this first, it will save you time in research. If you decide you need a windshield, you are limited to Baja, Fountain , Formula, Checkmate, Powerquest, and a few others, but not many. These guys also do fairings, as well as the rest of the pack in the industry.

Where do you boat. Ocean? Need a 24 degree deadrise minimum as well as big power to push it. Lake, light chop? Go with flatter deadrise, it will be faster and you won't be pushing the Deep V and wasting gas. IMO, stay with single engine, with gas prices so volatile, hedge your bet and make it palatable to still use if it goes up to $5.00 a gallon, that was a key concern in my decision.

Spending the $. Do you want to pay a premium for a custom boat (even used)? If no, IMO stay with manufacturers I spoke of above. This is the thing some OSO guys don't get. You are just getting into this, you are not a freak about it yet, so you would like to actually see a nice used supply of boats to go take a look at in person, let alone test drive, and maybe differentiate from eachother. Baja is the biggest production boat manufacturer. These guys can bash Baja all they want, but that is just ankle biting and jealousy. Baja builds a DECENT quality boat for the everyday offshore user, and most importantly, are readily availible around the country in the used marketplace with multiple engine options to meet your spec. Dealers are everywhere. Parts are readily availible on Ebay, multiple websites. You get the point.

Do Formula or Fountain have better quality? Sure, but not a necessity IMO. A boat is used outdoors, some in the harsh salt environment, with heavy wind and sometimes heat. The thing is going to get abused no matter the quality, it is a fact. Doesn't mean don't take care of it, but the thing will be getting beaten.

50K to spend, here is my suggestion. Maybe a 4 or 5 year old Baja 272/275 with a 496HO (it might touch 70MPH) and you have some fun, maybe a year or two older with an HP500 upgrade (>70MPH). Go to ebay, boattrader, yachtworld, and 50 -100 will be available nationally. Get it surveyed (a must), wet test it, and you are off. I wanted to spend less, went with a 1995 272 with a 502 Mag and deep V for my ocean boating. I love the ride (wave crusher), the power (67MPH WOT), the sound (captains call with straight pipes), and the look (Windshield). Easy to trailer (6300lbs.), it is all good.

Good luck, and remember, the research is part of the fun, be patient.

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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

If you're looking at quality, performance and resale, I just don't see how you could go wrong with a Fountain. Yeah, the 27 is really more like a 25, but I was looking for a 25 footer when I bought mine anyway. If you need more, get a single engine 29. There are good solid ones out there for 50K, and you could run it a couple of years, keep it nice, and sell it for what you paid. That's my input- good luck!
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Some things I would consider....why is it all these **** pail baja's,velocitys,and even fountains are in surplus supply....and maybe one or two activators are for sale?I think it may be due to the fact activator owners are very happy with their boats....and the rest of these guys bought junk and want out of that bad buying decision.....
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

went with a 1995 272 with a 502 Mag and deep V for my ocean boating. I love the ride (wave crusher)

what have u been smokin?!?!?!?

ur tellin a guy to buy a 5 year old baja for 50k?

i know someone who got a top gun for 60....
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Try a 28 Sunsation
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

27 Activator, by far the best single engine performance boat out there!
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Default Re: Best used 27 footer

Why buy a 27 foot boat for just a couple years, knowing you're gonna upgrade? Get the boat you want now to avoid the depreciation hit, the extra sales taxes, and the pain in the butt selling the interim boat.
For under $60k you should be able to get a Cig bullet, a newer Baja Outlaw 29, or for less $$$ a Formula 311, a 30 Sutphen, a 28 Cigarette, an Apache 28....Lot's of great classics out there! Good luck. Dave911
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