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Cat Killer !

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Default Re: Cat Killer !

Thats right Superman We got a late start and we had to play catch up. After that weekend i bet you cant wait to get your boat!

Once we pulled into the cove where the first stop was... we didnt stop and decided to turn around and play with the Rio Roses boat. We acutally only made it to one of the card stops where the boat was tied up until we were able to pull the boat out of the water.

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Default Re: Cat Killer !

Originally Posted by el indio
Real cat killer!!!!!!!!!!!!
El Indio,
Nice pics. Is that her on the cover of Playboy in the background?
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Default Re: Cat Killer !

You can piss and moan about Rio Roses and Reggie all you want but the man is a legend in the power boat industry.

Reggie didn't buy a well established company he built one. He then started racing and was a multiple world champion, HIMSELF. His boats have dominated the race curcuits for almost two decades and he has set many world speed records, HIMSELF.

So now Reggie took his V bottom to a poker run and some of you guys are crying about ? Give me a break.

I hope I have as much fortitude, drive and ambition as Reggie when I'm pushing 70. Kudos for Reginald Fountain.
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Default Re: Cat Killer !

Originally Posted by masher44
GF has faster boats than you?
LOL, I can beat the searay if I get a holeshot

Originally Posted by el indio
Just my opinion and remember I had a fellas take this boating stuff a little to seriously................M.M........
Now thats funny, glad to see the head whack is wearing off Mark
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Default Re: Cat Killer !

Originally Posted by BLee
Guess not. Alot of them were in Puerto Rico racing with other raceboats.
There were cats at Marathon, I didn't see any pass him there either.
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Default Re: Cat Killer !

Both Boats are great boats dont get me wrong.. Both of these are the best in there class... But a 4700 lb v bottom racing a 12000 lb "dry" cat with the same power.. Doesnt really add up to me.. Look at the horsepower to weight ratio. We had 250 gallons of fuel and 4 people. Lets make a 44Mti cat 4700 lbs and see how fast it would go with that power. So for those to say that the Reggie has beat a "Cat hull" Is a far cry. thats apples to oranges. For the record Speed was turned all the way down.. We were only making 6 psi on starboard motor and 8psi on port. Im sure we can pulley the boat up and put the big props on.. we were just out having a good time with the little props. We were on the bump boxes. Thats what trashed our belt. Speed has alot left in her... Far more then most people would ever want to go with an open canopy. We have had it alot faster then in those pics.

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Default Re: Cat Killer !

Originally Posted by cuda
Ok, I think this horse has finally quit twitching.
Someone burry that horse!!

Cat Killer??? I'm more scared of the Snake Killer!!
Attached Thumbnails
Cat Killer !-p3080010.jpg   Cat Killer !-p2220028.jpg  
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Default Re: Cat Killer !

I obviously own an MTI (screen name), but I have also owned 2, 100+ mph 42 fountains. I have always had great respect for Reggie and his boats, but I have no respect for a liar. And that is what this press release is.I know that the Fountains fans won't like my choice of words, but the truth hurts sometimes.The few of us that were lucky enough to see this run know that Speed handed Rio there A$$, Twice. Both times were after the first card stop. Ben Robertson got out of Rio and stated that Speed Racer had passed them, This I also heard, not hear say.
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Default Re: Cat Killer !

I just read Reggies press release and this whole thread. I am a huge Vee fan, but this press release is pure marketing B.S.

To say a Vee handles better than a Cat at speeds approaching 150+ is just plain ignorant. The cat has a much wider contact point to the water. In Reggies world the laws of physics are suspended and Fountains are so fast they can fold space..... yada yada yada.

At least this Fountain didn't delaminate like the one in Ft. Myers did, so i guess that would be good news.
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Default Re: Cat Killer !

Originally Posted by cuda
There were cats at Marathon, I didn't see any pass him there either.
there was one sterndrive cat at Marathon, and it has 525's ....
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