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So what do YOU do...?

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Default So what do YOU do...?

A group of us went to Claudios on Wes' 41 Apache two weekends ago and after a masterful job of docking the boat and turning the engines off, several people on the dock started clapping...

Now this seems to happen alot lately...I experienced it myself on my boat a couple of years ago...several times. In every instance, including 2 weeks ago, there was no revving of engines and the boat was tied to the dock and engines shut off in short order.

I know these folks are not clapping becuase of the great job the captain and crew did getting the boat tied up in a tight spot...they were clapping because the noise had stopped.

So I ask you...what would you do? Take a bow? Give them the finger? Have something clever to say?

Very interested in knowing what the rest of you do, because I know I am not the only one this has happened to...

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Default Re: So what do YOU do...?

Start the motors up again and rev them up.
Thats what I'm talking about.
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Default Re: So what do YOU do...?

What? you mean they dont clap becasue of my great docking job? WHen i squeezed between those 2 cruisers i swore thats what it was for. I just say thanks and go enjoy myself.
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Default Re: So what do YOU do...?

This is a tough one to answer. I could tell you what we did in our younger days but it would not be appropriate...I think you mentioned something about the appendage salute

The best thing you can do in this situation is ignore them. Unfortunately that is sometimes difficult. We have smiled and waived to everyone before. One time last year we had an extremely drunk woman on a pontoon that kept going on and on, finally I told her that I was sorry she didn't approve of our noise but we couldn't stand all the screaming children that pontoon boats bring to the marina. Her husband then realized she was placing him in danger and promptly told her to shut up. There were no children on the boat with them and if there were I definitely would have kept walking and not said a word.

Your best response will probably be situational.
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Default Re: So what do YOU do...?

If the people clapping are doing it to be a smart ass and making comments about the noise, then that means they are just jealous and I would most likely kill them with kindness by greeting them and saying Hi how are you guys doing on this fine day...what a great day for boating, I hope you enjoy your day, and walk away

Then when we come back to leave and if they would have something negative to say after I was kind and polite, I would tell them to **** themselves of course after the motors are running and I am waiving that way they are not quite sure what the hell I'm saying

Too bad there are some people out there who hate seeing other people having a good time

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Default Re: So what do YOU do...?

Had the same thing happen at the Marina that we used to put the Outerlimits on the trailer. When we shut it off at the pier their was a woman sitting on her crusier in the slip, that was clapping. Their was a group of 8-10 people around her including her husband that did nothing but wave. We just ignored her. You cant fight ignorance.
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Default Re: So what do YOU do...?

I would say "pretty impressive isn't it" Then depending on the next coment I would either rip their head off and pee down their throat or say thanks. I could go either way ya know.
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Default Re: So what do YOU do...?

Pull down your pants and take a leak right off the dock.
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Default Re: So what do YOU do...?

Start it up and move to another spot, say 6" further forward...
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Default Re: So what do YOU do...?

on lake erie is easy... just go to the casino on kellys island..... dockside is offshores only parking

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