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Default Velocities

I have ridden in a few and really liked em. What do you guys think of them?
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Default Re: Velocities

I had one of the original 30' race boats. Went like hell on small power- they all had hull cracking problems at the engine compartment bulkhead- I know of several of them- same thing. The Regal boats have a BAD rap on them but I don't have 1st hand knowledge. The 32's weren't highly regarded either. The big boats are a great bang for the buck. You get alot of "what's a Velocity?" though. Not so hot resale.

Takes some skill to drive with the pad bottom- you have to acquire a feel for what the boat is doing.
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Default Re: Velocities

Hey Mr. Heon...... nahhhh!
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Default Re: Velocities

My 41 is 10 years old now. I beat the living crap out if in the waters of NJ. So far, no problems. Runs pretty good with small power and I haven't had any problems and keep up with any other boat in the rough. When it gets rough you just need to make sure run the drives neutral or you'll land on the pad every time....ouch.....

Definitely a boat you need to learn how to drive.

As far as resale, the 26's (what is now called the 28) do very well as do the 39s. Not sure about the other models.
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Default Re: Velocities

Mine is delaminating and it a 2000.
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Default Re: Velocities

Steve Stepp is a top builder with experience that comes right from his own racing background.

He builds one of the best boats on the market today.

You will get individual attention and a real custom boat for your money.

What else do you need to know? Talk to the man himself and make your decision.
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Default Re: Velocities

Steve is a stand up guy. He's building a new 30 now. He's also one the first guy's I called when I chose to bring back factory class racing.
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Default Re: Velocities

i have a 280 with farely big power boat runs in the upper 90's it is a 96 model i have had NO problems at all with the boat and the factory is great to work with
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Default Re: Velocities


Care to elaborate....? As of Spring 05, there was not even a stress crack. Perhaps you could share a few of the "situations" which may have led to your problems.... Still selling Velocity's?
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Default Re: Velocities

PM Velocity4me... He's an owner and will have some great info for you.
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Quick Reply: Velocities

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