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Sign of the times - A rant

Old 09-05-2006, 10:12 AM
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Default Re: Sign of the times - A rant

Originally Posted by masher44
My engine builder gave me extra flares and an oar with my new motor.... heckuva nice guy

He obviously knows how you drive then.
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Old 09-05-2006, 10:17 AM
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Default Re: Sign of the times - A rant

I'd have towed you in. Always wave at evryone I pass, or PASSES ME!!!
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Old 09-05-2006, 10:33 AM
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Default Re: Sign of the times - A rant

Its sad....I was water testing something or another for a few weekends into the begining of this season. We had the hatches up a few times checking stuff out and who stopped? You guess....

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Old 09-05-2006, 10:34 AM
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Default Re: Sign of the times - A rant

Sorry for your bad day....we've all been there. You know how Labor Day weekend is in Barnegat Bay (I'm 34 and been there every weekend too), every yahoo is out for himself without a clue. Most other weekends are not like that. I too wave at everybody...including sailboats and usually get a (good) response. You should definitely join us at NJPPC. I can't tell you how many times I am out there running and either turn around or just meet up with another member while cruising and stop and BS for a minute or too. The friendships are second to none....the parties rock too
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Old 09-05-2006, 11:22 AM
Were doomed!
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Default Re: Sign of the times - A rant

Luckly i have only needed assistance once when a faulty gas gauge read 1/4 tank when it was actually empty....and got it from the local cops.... but i have towed many a boat back when i came across them. Once at LOTO i stopped for a guy in a 30(ish) IMP....they told us they were out there floating for a good 45min!!! said the cops came by and planty of boats but no one stopped, even with them flashing their flashlights etc at them.....and this was at about 1:30am.....i'd hate to be out there all night just floating with people passing me by. And on another trip at LOTO a wire from the Alt melted through my exhaust and fired the harness...cause a GOOD amount of smoke. I lifted the hatch expecting a fire and before the smoke cleared someone was there beside me asking if all was ok and if i needed help...they didnt stay long enough for me to catch their names but if they happen to be on this board THANKS AGAIN for checking up on me!

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Old 09-05-2006, 11:36 AM
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Default Re: Sign of the times - A rant

I always stop to see if someone needs help if the hatch is up because I have needed help before. Rebuilt a ignition switch on the Missouri while floating down for a guy once when he was stranded and towed several boats to a ramp.

As for waving. I only do it if there is little boat traffic. I tell my crew it's their job to wave at the other boats and my job is to miss all the other boats. I know people may think I am stuck up in my "cigarette" boat but I use the same thing I was taught while flying and the first job is to drive the boat.

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Default Re: Sign of the times - A rant

I just recalled, early this summer we were anchored in our party spot and had been talking to a guy and his family. The pulled anchor and headed out. A few minutes later they came back, pulled along side and asked if we'd go rescue a boat loaded with a family. Their drive had broken.
The guy asking us to help felt his boat couldn't pull the other boat.
We dropped what we were doing, hauled anchor and went to the rescue.
We didn't question his reason for not helping. All we knew was there was a family in trouble we were asked to help.
We towed the boat and family to the launch ramp, made sure they were all OK, shook hands, and we went back to our party spot.

That's the way we are and that's how it should be.
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Default Re: Sign of the times - A rant

Originally Posted by Steve_H
thats nothing. i tryed to wave down water patrol once with my hatch up on a weekday. him and i were the only boats in sight that day and the prick ignored me
Exact same thing happened to me on GLOC 4 years ago. So I commenced to drinking my beer and at dusk the same prick came by towed me in to the nearest marina, watched me get fuel in my boat then preceeded to arrest me for public intox. If the jerk patrolman had helped me when he first went by I would not have been public intox and I would have had $384.00 left in my wallet.
Thus my number one boating rule: The Lake Patrol is not you friend.
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Default Re: Sign of the times - A rant

People in Northern Michigan are pretty friendly up here but we did a little experiment this weekend going through the no-wake zones. On Saturday I had a sausage party in the boat and my brother was wearing his hat sideways being a smart azz. Only about 1/2 the people waved. On Sunday I had a good looking girl with me and no one wearing their hat like a "punk" almost everone waved! Kinda funny how judgemental people are!

As for people with their engine hatch open I ALWAYS stop. Most of the time they are okay but I want to make sure. Two weekends ago a guy had his hatch up. I went over to him and he said his trim pump kept "cylcling" and it wouldn't trim down. He could just load it back on th trailer and call it a day Well, I climbed in the bilge, unplugged the trim pump fuse, jumped the selenoid both ways to make sure it went both up and down(it did). Plugged the fuse back in the drive immediately went back up. Hmmmm, thought for a minute and told him to unplug his trailer trim button. Oh snap! We're in business. The guy got to enjoy the whole day boating instead of loading it back on the trailer. Made me feel good knowing he was out there having a good time!
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Default Re: Sign of the times - A rant

Bad karma not to stop. I've been fortunate to have never needed to be towed, but I have towed numerous boats including waverunners. One day at a local ramp, I had just splashed my boat and was pulling away from the dock when a van that was launching started to slide backwards into the drink. I went backed to the dock, tied up, ran to my 4 X 4 Suburban and unhooked my trailer, pulled in front of the van and hooked up my tow strap and pulled him back up the ramp. The dude was so happy he wanted to put me in his will! He couldn't believe I would go to that trouble and not accept any money. I told him it wasn't about's about being part of the boating community and helping one another.
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