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Why not race?

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Default Re: Why not race?

Standing on the sidelines I initially wondered if a lot of the Poker Run boats have less hi-performance motors that are longer lasting, making running the boat cheaper overall compared to a raceboat. But the monster PR boats that can produce figures over 150mph - do they have motors that are reliable and donīt grenade every couple of hours?? Whilst on reliability/machinery breaking - another questiion! What proportion of PRīs take place on Lakes compared to on the open ocean?? I wonder if there is less chance of breakages in calmer water (Ok, I know some Lakes can produce some serious water!!) - making it cheaper again for the PR crowd??
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Default Re: Why not race?

I wouldn't say the PR engines are any more or less reliable than a well built race engine. Once again we have different operation parameters. I race engine will go 50-100 miles at or near full throttle and some do that for 5 or more races with little to no work internally. A poker run engine MIGHT see 50-60 miles of 1/2 to 3/4 throttle and an occasional blast to full when the big dogs run out. And, a PR captain is much more likely to back off than a racer, he has passengers and equipment to worry about and at least the assumption of more than one run before a rebuild. A racer has but one goal once the flag goes green-finish, first. As for rough water, when the going gets tough, a PR captain can take it easy, or stay at the dock, the drinks and food at the party still taste the same

Fever Mike- most of what you miss is back with the OPA, very little of the downside exists. Yeah, there is no big TV deal yet (yet) but that is not what is growing our ranks and boat counts, it is the fun, honest competition that most of us started racing for in the first place. And although the pits are more like a local dirt track or drag strip than Daytona, it sure is a lot of fun to be there Hope you can hang in Destin, it's getting better all the time.
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Default Re: Why not race?

For those who would try racing but have an excuse, too much $, bickering, not a race boat, etc. You really need to check out OPA. The only bickering is over who is having more fun and at $500 for a year of racing it doesn't get any cheaper. Honestly, I have had a blast this year and made some great friends. If you are on the fence, join OPA and you won't regret it.
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Default Re: Why not race?

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Default Re: Why not race?

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Default Re: Why not race?

Game on Boyz!
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Default Re: Why not race?

OPA / ORL opens the door in 2007 for the Poker Runners to see if they have what it takes to compete on a level playing field. It's a good time to MAKE THE SWITCH!
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Default Re: Why not race?

It cant be OPA/ORL and Ill tell you why ORL supposedly only rough water races. Which OPA does not go along with thank goodness. This is not a pissing contest. If your a racer you dont give a damn where you race as long as your racing so please if you want to make this thing work and I hope you are successful then take that dumb stiputlation out of the equation. Good luck to everyone and cya in Destin.
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Default Re: Why not race?

Racing is a test of your skill against a competitors skills with like kind and powerd equipment which has been "certified" (in theory) by inspectors who assure parity of that equipment.

When you win an Offshore Powerboat race that is sanctioned by a respected authority, it speaks to your skill level against your competitors, you actually "beat" them, your skill level exceeded there skill level, it means something, it counts and I think it is respected and recognized as an acheivment, in fact, the more educated the observer is, the more it counts.

Poker Running may be "race like", there is a "start boat", there may be a green flag, but there really is no "racing" in my opinion. There may be some boats that are faster than others, but based upon their equipment, they are supposed to be faster. There may be some skill invloved in running the boat that "won" any given Poker Run, and perhaps the operators could be respected for their skill in operating that high-tech Craft, but not admired for "beating" other people in the Poker Run.

As for cost, a lot depends on waht class of Racing you are participating in. No doubt some Pleaure Boats cost more than Race Boats but the cost of maintence programs, having a crew, transporters, travel, etc, etc, for a top level Race Team are astronimical if it is a professional level effort. Buying the boat is the easy part, running a team and supporting a team and proper equipment "cycling" and maintenace are the bigger challanges.

I do not think there is even a remote similarity between the feeling you get taking checkered flag in a Supercat or Super V race after beating up on the most talented Guys in the world,...... and showing up to a Poker Run with a big Skater (or whever you like, don't have a hissy fit becauase I used Skater) and some 1600 HP engines and beating a bunch of Guys to the first checkpoint....

Gregg Reichman

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Default Re: Why not race?

Originally Posted by oldracefan
It cant be OPA/ORL and Ill tell you why ORL supposedly only rough water races. Which OPA does not go along with thank goodness.

How come you think OPA doesnt run rough water?
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