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Earthrace - Call For Help!

Old 04-27-2007, 12:38 PM
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I have spoken with david and collin, from earth race, and I believe them both to be the real deal. I am moving forward in helping them, as I would hope every one else would as well.

TWIN 540 HP Diesels!!!! In a boat That Has these Lines? I dont know about you guys,, but that has offshoreonly written all over it.
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Old 04-27-2007, 03:39 PM
Enjoy the show
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These photos were taken while Earthrace was in NY this past fall. That's Capt Pete at the helm.

These guys are the real deal, please help them win the round - the - world race if you can.
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Old 04-27-2007, 05:04 PM
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I stopped by the boat when they were tied up in Jacksonville for a couple of days. If you get the chance, stop by. These guys are true hi performance boat guys. Seeing all of the design details and technology in this rig is cool as anything. i opened a rectangular hatch to the engine room. It was about 36x18"........the thing must have weighed less than an ounce. carbon fiber over foam, just like the whole boat.

They were telling me about new props they would be testing that were made out of carbon fiber, with designed in flex along the proper axis, to make a super high tech version of a variable pitch prop (not the crappy kind you see in the jc whitney catalogs)...they're into all of this stuff. I left a donation with them on the dock that day........I'll hit their site with some more when i get home. At this point, every little bit will help.
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Old 04-27-2007, 07:49 PM
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Hello all.
First of all let me say I am almost ashamed of the spine tingling diatribe provided by several members here who doubt such a cause is for real, or that some are patronizing this forum to earn your trust to defraud forum members.
My name is Sean Trainor past many time president of the OPBA, VP many times of the OPBA, many time volunteer for the APBA race circuit and Offshore Powerboating in general. My association to this arena is as devoted as any. Personally I have logged hundreds if not thousands of hours of volunteer time to each and every facet of Offshore. I am fortunate to have earned friendships across the US and the globe due to my dedication to this lifestyle. Many of these close friends are the heart and soul of this industry and its supported lifestlye. For this I am thankful. Any who know me know that fun is the main reason of life for me, as my family and I have proven time and again.
Having said this, you should know, it was I who introduced the Earthrace team to this forum.
They did not come walking in here on their own. I offered a forum that was completely out of their marketing scheme. Yet my thoughts were this forum is the place they should have been and I hope to remain during and after this noble event. We are the heart and soul of the offshore arena are we not? Is this Earthrace vessel not the crowne charm of our desires?
It seems there is doubt in the validity of the event due to email addresses or pay pal options for support. Anyone who has been involved in any pubic events whether its the APBA races, poker runs, concerts, etc. where OPM is needed, **** happens. Volunteers come and go, sponsors disappoint, venue issues, or even manatees ruin the spoils of well laid plans.
From an insiders viewpoint, a volunteers email during the middle of an event is not a high priority. Money from any legal direction is welcome and credit cards are not able to be processed easily, so a volunteer may offer a pay pal account to be used in order to assist. Hardly causes for such negativity to be generated.
In fact the manner in which these negative doubts were raised seem to be highly unprofessional for such a recognized forum which oozes of spoils of wealth. A mere cross check of concerns and a cautionary statement for pause while due diligence is in place would have sufficed.
I hope this gut check of the Earthrace team by some members of this forum will now be followed up with positive efforts that show the world the true capabilities of the members and the lifestyles portrayed to the world via Offshore Only.
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Old 04-27-2007, 08:15 PM
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Unprofessional...Im new here, but common live under a rock?? Internet scams ring a bell? Its a great thing Earthrace is doing, dont get me wrong. I think Jack412 has every right to question the authenticity of someone and their cause before he hands out money. 20$ or 200$, doesnt sound like much, but get hundreds of people from a huge public site like this and the cash adds up.
just my .02 cents
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Old 04-27-2007, 09:50 PM
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Not that anyone has EVER attempted to scam the board?? Gimme a break..

E-race, glad to see this cleared up.. Good luck on your journey!!
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Old 04-27-2007, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by HHHMR View Post
Unprofessional...Im new here, but common live under a rock?? Internet scams ring a bell? Its a great thing Earthrace is doing, dont get me wrong. I think Jack412 has every right to question the authenticity of someone and their cause before he hands out money. 20$ or 200$, doesnt sound like much, but get hundreds of people from a huge public site like this and the cash adds up.
just my .02 cents
Shut the hell up and SHOW SOME RESPECT. First Jack1412 now you. If you don't want to donate DON'T and just shut the hell up.

Earthrace - I sent ya some money, maybe enough to reimburse you for the BS your getting on this website. GOOD LUCK AND GODSPEED

Can we get back to how were going to help these guys make history in one of the baddest azz boats ever made. Come on guys do you want to read about how these guys gave everything only to fall short from one sponsor and a fishing boat, or do you want to hear how they perservered and accomplished a miraculous journey after a wreck and a little help from OSO.
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Old 04-27-2007, 11:33 PM
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OK - so Jack threw the flag, and he threw it on assumptions, and questions. WRONG thing to do, although, I understand his questions about the e-mail address - and validity at first.
In my opinion, and by Jack's apology, I believe we all agree these assumptions were wrong - including Jack - hence the apology. (BTW - Jack, apology is good, don't keep digging after the apology - if you still are questioning, hold your apology until you are certain. I commend you for the apology, but don't try to vindicate it)

I've thrown out the flag myself a few times, but you don't do it until you KNOW you are right to do it - otherwise, you stand the chance to tarnish the reputation of someone who is very legitimate. You are essentially anonymous. The only thing you have to lose is to eat a little "humble pie" if you're wrong. And I know how people say post count means the difference between being taken seriously or not on this board, well, my post count only means that a few people here might know me, and know how I generally react. I'm a pretty straight shooter, and I don't put up with BS - and I don't want my friends to have to deal with it either.
Earthrace is NO BS!
I wish them all the best, and you have all my support.
Earthrace - please keep us posted HERE of your progress, I think there are enough of us that have shown we're interested and support you for you to give us an update instead of press release.
Apologies for any the offenses by others, Have a safe and succesful trip
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Old 04-28-2007, 02:30 AM
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i have followed earth race since first learning of it on some time ago
it is well worth our support as it's worth while

how a scam can work is that an official org is used as bait
a person solicits money through a dodgy email acc
requesting on believable grounds money to be paid by western union or similar way to a location
......this is clearly not the case here

colin has said that all donations are to be paid to

this erases any concerns that i had, hence the apology
the matter is fully resolved as i see it
i would encourage people to donate

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A little bit of Earthrace Humor ...

I wrote these for my brother who is considering purchasing a race leg, but he's do damn cheap ;-)

Top 10 reasons to sponsor an Earthrace race leg:

10. You have nothing better to do on the way to Spain, why not travel in style with sweaty Kiwi's
9. You've always wanted to lose that 10 lbs of water weight
8. You've always wanted to be in a High Def Documentary when you looked and smelled your worst
7. Anyone else would being paying DOUBLE your rate
6. Though you drive a big SUV that destroy's the ozone, you can make up for it by joining Earthrace
5. You can write it off as a business expense AND help save the planet
4. To penetrate the waves, Earthrace needs more human fat ballast in her bow, you're the perfect candidate
3. It cools down to only 120 degree F on the boat in May
2. If you don't sponsor a race leg, I'll cut the tires on your gas guzzlin' SUV !
1. If you don't sponsor a race leg, I'll cut the tires on your OTHER gas guzzlin' SUV !


David Perez
Earthrace Ground Crew
Race Leg Sponsorship
USA Cellular: 585 752 5107
USA efax: 585 486 1560
Email: [email protected]
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