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pull power

Old 01-10-2002, 11:35 AM
wet pleasure
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Post pull power

I am looking for a bigger boat this season.
probley a 38 to 42 footer with eather twin or triples. I do not know if my dodge 3500
with two wheel drive pull a 420 baja with triples and gen out of the water.

ps. It has v-10
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Old 01-10-2002, 11:47 AM
Were doomed!
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The V-10 should be able to pull it out no problem......only thing is that it depends on how steep the ramp is and how much traction you have! Would be nice to have the 4x4 option....
I usually never have problems pulling the Scarab out but then again its only a 30'er...but then again its an 1984 and weighs in at 7900lbs without gas or trailer! If the ramp is steep i shift her into 4low and i barely have to give her any gas to get right out no matter how steep the ramp!
I guess what i trying to say is that it all depends on where your gonna be launching from!! ...ok done rambling!

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I agree, you should be able to handle it towing........... the ramp may be an issue though.

Wally, aren't you going to Vagas soon? I though I read you'd be there during the AVN awards. I think they are next weekend.
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I also have a 1 ton Dodge with a V-10 that I use to pull my 36 Baja.It's a dually 4x4,but so far I've never had to use 4 wheel drive at any launch sites that I've used.Like Wally said just ease it up the ramp and you should be fine.
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Tough call. Even with a small motor, a 4x4 transfer case's granny low gear will pull just about anything up a ramp, utilizing 2WD (without the hubs locked) or in 4WD. You may look into having your first gear swapped out to a granny gear. If you have a manual tranny, get a high performance clutch installed, and use 2nd gear for starts when not pulling. If you have an auto, you can probably have it reprogrammed to start you in 2nd gear when in Drive or OD.


OR, get a new truck too!
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Plenty of power, thats just allot of boat to pull out w/out 4x4. if you get on a ramp that is steap or slick from alge???? forget about it. I wouldn't rush to buy a new truck, just take a heavy tow strap with you incase you need a little help.
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Hope you have the manual trans. Being a happy current Dodge owner, just went looking at upgrading to new 2500/3500 diesel's with automatics. Only rated to tow 9500 lbs. Can you say "weak tranny"

You'll be 2 tons over the automatic tranny rating with either of those boat/trailers.
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I have a 1 ton CHEVY dually 2wd automatic towing a Formula 357 and have never had a problem. But then again its a CHEVY. But I have to admit that my wife drives the truck at the boat ramp. She says its better than having to drive the boat on the trailer.

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Yep, I hate to do it but I'm going to have to switch to GM or Ford. Dodge is screwing up big-time. They should have been working on a better auto tranny deal like Allison instead of thinking about switching from Cummins Diesels to Mercedes Diesels.
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