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C54DRVR - My buddy has a 2000 2500 V-10 4:10? tows 8500, I, 2000 PSD F350 3:73 tow right @ 10,000. When we hit Jellico on our way to Norris, guess what happens? I leave my cruise on @2100/70 in OD and run the enire grade (as long as its clear) he drops down to 45 or so and is always pissed off. You're from this area, do you know what % grade that is? Well not to knock his Dodge, but that's what happens.

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besides the powerstroke..more Dodge V10 stuff guys..
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I bought my 2500 4x4 Dodge in 11/94, v10, auto,4.10 axle. I have to keep looking back when towing my boat to see if it is still there-lots of power. On the other hand I am very glad that I get to drive a company car to and from work, it's pretty rough on gas.
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The Powerstroke has 555 ft lbs of torque; the V-10 has 450 ft. lbs. Everybody’s V-8 only gives 320-350 ft lbs and a way different torque curve. That’s why the diesel is the choice for long distance towing and the V-10 is a welcome alternative for people who don’t want to listen to the rattle.

I'll bet your buddy can go thru the McDonald’s drive thru without shutting off his engine.
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I just ordered a 2002 Dodge 2500 Regular cab V10 for towing my 32' Velocity. The towing rating is 12,950 lbs. either 3.55 or 4.10 gearing (see page 23 of 2002 sales brochure) which is 650 less then the diesel. I got it with the free 7 year/100,000 drive train warranty so I feel pretty good about things - I may be inconvienenced but it won't cash out of my pocket. I only plan to use the truck when I need to tow or haul stuff - perhaps 3,000 to 4,000 miles max a year so the lower MPG gas engine made sense in my case.
I understand from my sales rep that Dodge is now (Jan. 2002) building the 2500 in the new 1500 body style but I haven't been able to confirm this. I guess I'll wait and see when it shows up next month.

See you at the NJPPC A/C party!

Rick E.
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Revelocity - That's only if you ordered the manual transmission. The sales brochure is misleading. If you ordered the automatic, you better have the dealer check the "big book" of specs. I was looking at ext cab 4x4, which reduces ratings, but I'm pretty sure no Dodge model/engine/gear/automatic combination was rated to 12,000, let alone 13,000.

Just giving you a heads up, just went through all that myself. At first the dealer didn't realize the automatic ratings were different either! You don't want to have to fight that battle when the sticker comes in with too low a rating!
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Thanks for the heads-up and I'll be anxious to see what the rating is on the sticker. I checked the brochure's fine print and no mention of degradation for auto tranny but they did say "maximum" tow rating which probably provides them wiggle room. Fortunately I don't need the full rating as I'm towing 8,600 lbs wet. Sure glad I didn't skimp and go with the 1500 since its tow ratings (manual!!) were pretty close to 8600 lbs. Thanks!
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You can call the Dodge cust svc people and they will fax you the correct ratings. When I bought my 01 Cummins SB QC with 5 speed I had lit that said Gross 20k and 18k, then the truck showed up with a sticker that said 16k. They confirmed that 20k was the correct rating. Pay attention to the different configurations between the 2500 and 3500- there used to be inconsistencies all over the place- it's the same auto, tire size, axles, brakes etc. You'd think they would have their lit together on a truck that's been out for eight yrs. Good luck!
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I have a 2500 V-10 Quad cab 4:10 gears and tow package.
No tranny problems yet.
My friend is a service writer at a dodge dealer and said no major problems
with the trans. unless you get a rig without a tranny cooler, I believe all V-10's come with them.
Replaced single pipe with twin turbo muffs and also K & N filter.
Best MPG 12.4 non towing but sure beats with CHITTY-CHITTY-BANG-BANG of a diesel.
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