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I've got a 98 cummins with 95k. Just changed the tranny fluid for the first time last week. Only because i noticed the rear axel seals were leaking when i went to do the rear brakes for the first time. also had to replace the tracking bar in the front end also but thats not bad for the first 100k miles. My question is when the tranny finally takes a crap, isnt it possible to have a custom bad mother of a tranny built for my truck. I mean hell fire trucks have auto trannys, lots of weight lots of torque and they only get babied right. any of you tranny guys have any ideas.
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Check out http://www.turbodieselregister.com/
for tranny upgrades, and ask questions on the discussion forums, lots of knowledgeable people on this site(not including me!!!!)
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I hear everyone talking about Dodge tranny problems. My 96 2500 Cummins had 186,000 on tranny no problems. My 98 2500 Cummins had 240,000 no problems. My partners 1998 3500 has 390,000 lost a torque converter at 310,000.
We pull everything from ski boats to 38 Fountains. The one ton usually sees 26,000 lbs gross at least twice a month.
Very simple rules for tranny life. Service every 40,000 and NEVER use overdrive when towing over 5,000 lbs.
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Boatrep is correct - service tranny regularly and never ever pull over 5,000 lbs in overdrive.

I use my 96 Ram 3500 with V10 for all boat hauls with never a problem. Installed Borla headers when truck was new and saw a major increase in both gas mileage and engine torque.
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Here's a much easier AND CHEAPER ROUTE,Don't get an automatic!!!! this is the best solution, Sticks rule. Autos are for sissies and yuppies! This should start something
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Oh, by the way, Brian,
GASSERS SUCK!!!! they are not loud enough, and don't rattle, plus you get ****ty mileage. the Cummmins gets 12.4 towing the big dick Powerquest !!!
I'll bet you answer me now, LOL!!!!!
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Kick-ass truck!! I have a 2000 2500 V10 4x4 and we absolutely love it!! If I'm not mistaken, the tranny & brake problems were with the mid 90's models. Our lifted truck hauls ass even with 33" BFG's turnin' and tows our 6000 lbs. of boat like it's not there. I hear a lot of negativity about the Dodges, but ours has been problem free after 30,000 miles. I can also say that it can smoke a duramax Chevy and Ford V10 off the line without any problem! I know from experience, sorry Ford/ Chevy guys!

The only thing we would change is getting the 4-door when it comes out next year.

Also, we did all the math on the whole mileage thing and figured it would take me 5 years to make up the difference in price between the diesel and V10. Remember, it does get ****ty gas mileage, but for $4,600, I'll take the quiet, better smelling, cheaper gas, & cheaper oil changes. Ours does 10 mpg in town, 12-15 on the highway, and 7-9 towing.

Definitely go for the Dodge, you won't be dissappointed! E-mail me with any questions. [email protected]com
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