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Baja outlaw vs sunsation aggressor

Old 02-12-2002, 09:55 AM
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I have a solution for you.

Post a message here in the Baja forum and one in the Sunsation Forum for the President of each of the companies.

See who gets back to you fastest and see who you never hear from.

Jeff Jennings: Proud Sunsation Owner
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I think everybody is right about personal preferences etc. I've had two Bajas, currently a 25 outlaw and have been very happy. Everyone agrees the lines of the 25 outlaw are great. Parked next to a 25 aggressor the outlaw looks quite a bit larger. Speed to the aggressor, ride and room to the Baja. Either way you'll like it!
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Old 02-12-2002, 10:06 AM
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Baja27 pretty much said it all.
I've been in both and think they are great looking boats.
If going fast is all you want to do , go with the Aggressor. There are ways to get the Sunsation to handle the rough, get the biggest k-planes you can and run a Bravo 1
style prop. There is one locally that runs
mid 80's with no problems. I think that boat
has something like 400 hrs on it.
If you plan on overnighting alot then go with
the Baja although you will be comprimising(sp) some speed.
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Take a ride in both first. I bought the Sunsation Aggressor because of its ride particulary the landings because of my bad back. Now I am ready to go riding the next day instead of recuperating for a week. Have been out in 4 to 6 footers was fun and scarry. Ready to sell it though and get a bigger one. Some consideration must be given to were you are going to use it. Most of the time in the great lakes here. This might upset a few but its like a 22 foot Donzi Classic on steroids. I own a Donzi to so dont burn me to bad

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Wow nothing from Rick32? I know that he is super happy with his Sunsation and is waiting for thier new larger boat to come out so that he can go bigger!!! I am sure he will pipe in at some point.

Put your best foot forward!
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Old 02-12-2002, 11:50 AM
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One thing everyone has overlooked here is what you'll get on resale - hands down the Aggressor will bring you more - check with either NADA or ABOS - Resale is directly related to construction - The Baja Outlaw is a great production boat, I can not argue that, The Aggressor is a custom hand built boat that I will argue gives a better rough water ride than the Outlaw and delivers better speed. The Outlaw is a bigger boat both in width and length and thus gives you more move around space but the Aggressor is born of speed and performance and will leave the Outlaw with same HP in any water conditions. Even though smaller the Aggressor still has a 6 foot V-Berth, two galley bench seats with sink and fauchet and porta potty area. The contructions factors on the Sunsation are far superior to that of the Baja and thats saying nothing against the Baja, they are just two diffrently built boats. Not that I'm bias or anything but seriously consider what you'll get back in two or three years when your ready to move up.

My .02 cents
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PLEASE...the sun boat!
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Old 02-12-2002, 12:38 PM
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Without question "BAJA".

The Baja dealer I work with also had Sunsation and dropped the line. I got in a 25 they had and after having two Baja's I was not impressed. I don't know what area of the country you are in, but that will play a BIG role on resale. Sunsation will not hold it's value down here in North Carolina like Baja. And I'm sure it is the opposite in other parts of the country. Buy what you like. I just ordered a new Baja because the wife and I like it. It fits our needs.
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Nvrenough-I've got a point to make here so bear with me.

I'm presently building a home and with concern for boat storage I called Sunsation to ask the dimensions of a 28' (future boat).
I spoke to a gentleman there and he was able to measure, then ,not later the height, width, and lenght on a trailer.

I know this is not a big deal to most but I thought I would share.

Sunsation--Great looking products and Super
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I would buy the Sunsation for two reasons. First it has a more modern stepped bottom which should aid in resale value as well as better speed and fuel economy. The second reason is that Bajas are known to be light in the bow which is not good for running in ocean swells. It flys bow high rather than level.

Sunsation is more of a custom boat while Baja is one set above Sea Ray and one step below WellCraft. There is a reason that you don't see Bajas on the race course. But you do see Sunsations racing and winning.

Just my opinion.
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