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A Stoopid thing when changing oil.

Old 09-18-2007, 02:29 PM
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I always check, K&N filters are almost impossible to have the O-ring stick to the block. ONE time I did not check and hit the ramp. As soon as I backed off trailer I decided to check and low and behold it was pumping oil out the adapter. Caught it before I lost half a quart.
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I have an employee that tells me this story every time I mentioned it was an oil change weekend (I tend to do 5 trucks at a time). It has never happened to me but he still tells me to always check for the old gasket.

I did have a similar lesson with an Alfa Romeo Milano. The oil filter threaded shaft came out of the block with the old filter. I naively screwed it to the new filter and screwed it back into the block only to find it was not as tight as it needed to be. Seven quarts left a nice stripe down my block that I got to look at as I pushed the car back home. Luckily the stripe started about 50 feet from my house so it didn't lead back to the garage where the screw up started.
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I did have a similar story with a Scarab, our friend Bernie just got done changing his oil and was in a rush to get to the islands but forgot to put the oil cap back on. He noticed something was wrong when smoke started coming out of his engine compartment. When he opened his hatch, there was oil everywhere, thus it never happened again!!
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I always wipe a small bit of oil on the new seal when I fill it with oil (no dry start) I guess that has keeped the seal from sticking. but like others said I always wipe the mounting surface to. 18 years nock on wood, I guess my day is still coming.

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I have a friend from high school that was one of the smartest in the class. Booksmart that is.

He decided to change the oil in his car one weekend. He ran into problems and called me. He asked me how many quarts of oil does a small car hold. I told him no more than 5. He said he bought 5, and still none on dipstick, then bought 5 more, still none on stick, then 5 more, still none on stick. This was the time he decided to call me.

When I got to his house, I checked over the car, and the drain bucket was about to overflow.

He had never put in the drain plug.

We all learn from our mistakes! Just wanted to share with you guys.
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Old 09-18-2007, 09:47 PM
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On the same note....I had a buddy who used to change his oil by removing the filter, putting a bucket under where the filter was and start the engine...this was his way of changing the oil, it was out in about 30 sec or less, it was an old 350 and it never hurt it, at least not visibly
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Hi Quent,
Ran into a similar situation with my 1st and only Procharger setup. The "master" (bater?) mechanic at the dealership put my Procharger on the stock 454EFI.
On the test drive, I was all smiles as I layed into the throttle, until I smelled burning oil ..................
There is no mention of it in the Procharger installation guide, but the PCV system gets pressurized intstead of maintaining a vacuum under boost. Of course it pushed the dipstick out and pumped several quarts of oil into the engine compart, making one hell of a mess.
Glad you didn't hurt that pretty new 710! Didn't I just see your boat in a recent magazine (Hot Boat)? They liked it, of course, who wouldn't !
Best Regards,
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I crushed my 15qt oil container after an oil change on my F250. Thought I removed it but it was right behind the front tire. Talk about messy!
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