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New Motors Status Update

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Default New Motors Status Update

I've got 15 hours on the new (2006 model) 250 Verado's and thought I'd post a little update info.
Best Cruise: Monday was a federal holidy and it was in the 80's so I took the boat for a run up to the Baltimore harbor (I'd never been there before) just to look around. Set it up for a nice cruise speed and ran all the way up and back at 4000 RPM / 38 mph getting 1.5-1.6 mpg on the smartcraft. Had a nice 1 foot chop to glide over most of the way, ran over a couple big barge and freighter wakes to throttle down for but that was the only time I needed to even touch the controls.

Fast Cruise: 5200 RPM at 50-52 mph on GPS seems to be a nice quick cruise. Smartcraft shows 0.9-1.0 mpg.

Trim Changes: The boat does see the effect of more motor weight way back on the bracket. It took me a little to re-learn how it liked tab (big 28" long K-planes) and trim. Under 3500 RPM it likes motors down and tabs level with the bottom. 4000 RPM and up it now runs best with the tabs all the way up (used to pretty much leave them at level for anything but flat out). Trim at 4000 is about 3, at full throttle I can bring the trim up to 7 or 8 depending on the water. (I'm wondering if the trim changes are also due to the short cav plates on the V's compared to the old motors where they extended behind the props another 3 inches or so to have room to mount the torque tabs, the V's don't have any and the cav plate stops just behind the prop blade path.)

Low Speed: I can now keep the boat on plane at 3000 RPM 25 mph with the tabs at neutral. I never could run below 4000 on the old motors without one prop or the other breaking loose, so the low speed capability is a plus. I'm running the same props as before, don't know why the motors would have that much effect on low speed planning but they do.

Top Speed: I haven't changed props yet, so still only get 5800-5900 RPM at 58 on GPS a full throttle. Till I can get some Rev-4 19's to try I've only run it up to full throttle for very short periods to check RPM and help break the motors in. The best I ever saw with the old motors was 5200 RPM/52 MPH on GPS on the same props.

Misc Stuff: The water pressure speedo seems to stay within 1 mph of the GPS up to 40 mph. Above that the water speedo gets slow (which does skew the smarcraft MPG numbers at high speed), at 58 on the GPS the water speedo is only reading about 53. I'm guessing the speedo is reading the port motor which does see some airation coming off the stern from the raw water washdown intake (it is a reverse clamshell, I'd like to make it flush sometime).

The only "nits" so far are the trim indicators sometimes don't return to 0.0 when the motors are full down. I think they may be getting some water from the backrush when it drops off plane, but I havn't had time yet to pull them and check that all the seals and o-rings are good and have a touch of grease on them to seal tight. The port motor t-stat I don't think closes fully, as both motors run right under 150 when running, the port will drop back to 120-130 at idle while the stbd stays just under the 150 mark at any speed once it has warmed up from first start.

Not a motor issue, but I need to get a new top as the current one rattles when the boat reenters the water off of big wakes. I like the full coverage, but am thinking of a laced canvus top like on most T-tops to get some of the weight down from up there.

Boat: 32' Scorpion Racing, best guess is 8000 lbs. Old School straight 26 degree V. Pics and stuff at my web site at, scroll down to the "Dock" page.

Overall, even though the motors plus install cost as much as the whole rest of the boat did, I'm very pleased with the decision to repower. I've put almost as much time on the boat in the last 3 weeks since I got it back as I did the entire year most years with the old motors. Oh, and the people at the fuel dock are getting very familiar.

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