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New HD TV Help Please...

Old 01-13-2002, 10:39 PM
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Post New HD TV Help Please...

We are purchasing a new 53-61 wide screen tv. We have been looking at Best Buy and Cicuit City and both say they have the best product.

Anyone have any experience with these new tv"s.

What brand to buy Toshiba,Mitsubishi,Sony,Pioneer,RCA,Hitachi or ?

Any good or bad comments on these?

One more thing the budget is 3000.


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Old 01-13-2002, 10:48 PM
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I have a sony and I love it. I am sure that Audiofn, and Forrest can give you some great input on these bad boy as they sell them.
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We're getting a 43 Hitachi widescreen in feb. The Hitachi has a feature that aligns the screen and or colors for you instead of having someone come out and do it and charge you for it. The people at circuit city told me that of the other comparably priced HD widescreen's Hitachi was the best. I agree I have a 21 inch Hitachi moniter/TV that is almost 20 years old. Was hit by lightning twice...repaired and still works perfectly. Love their stuff. If you don't have a surround system yet and are looking steer clear of Kenwood. Bought one had a @#*tload of problems with it, let alone you have to be able to fly a space ship too work the remote, returned it and bought a Sony setup with a 5 disc DVD/CD player, 550 watts, powered sub, 5 speakers(micro sized) and it works great. Denon makes a nice setup too but you will pay dearly for the name. Good Luck!
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We have installed Sonys, mits, Toshiba, Phillips, Hitachi in many of our home theatres in our homes. They are all real good, Sony being the most expensive. The other three are about the same price. Im a sony fan but own three large screen Toshibas.
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We have a 65" Mitsubishi, 16:9, platinum version, HDTV ready. The unit is one year old and we love it. Have had zero problems!

If you go with Mitsubishi, wait for one of their finincing deals (0% for one year).

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I'm looking into flat plasma screens, does anyone have any insight?
It's a space issue so the plasma is the only option.
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gary: dont overlook the 56" panasonic. great bang for the buck piece! it has a great pic and price. plan on upgrading your satellite receiver to a rca dtc100 so you can view the 2 hd channels.

coolshot: i would recommend you look at the fujitsu for plasma. what are you looking for hd or analog? big price difference. they have a 42" both ways and a new 50" hd. all are great sets.

contact me if you need any help. Russ Floyd Home Automation & Security Systems
[email protected]
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Old 01-14-2002, 12:03 AM
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We just got a Panasonic 47" Widescreen/HDTV. Have had it for about two months and love it. If you buy at Best Buy get the extended service plan. They come out to your house for service AND the projection gun alignment is included in the plan. They told me I should have that done once a year. Im about to get a Progressive Scan DVD player which should give me the best picture quality available.
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Ok now belly up to the bar my good man and let me see if I can help you empty that wallet of yours You are I am assuming buying this TV for its PICURE QUALITY!! So anything else is FLUFF!!! The Auto convergence feature that is mentioned above is nice but not really good to use anyhow, you will always get a better result doing it yourself. What is more important is that when you are done with it does it stay put. A lot of TV's tend to have the convergence drift all over the place. There is a lot to setting up a TV. I pay a guy big bucks to set up my larger projectors.
Ok guys out of the TV's that have been mentioned the Sony and the Mits are the best. The Mits has some cool features that they are trying out this year by trying to make it easy to operate a system with one remote. I am always skeptical about such things, they rarely work. The Sony has by far the best picture out of all of them. I am talking picture across the board with HDTV, and SD to such as your DVD and VCR. You have to be very carefull about these tv's as well, images can burn in very quickly. Better TV's will last longer with this issue. NEVER leave the tv running with MSN or something similiar on as the picture will burn into the tv and you will allways see the damn ticker on your tube no matter what channel you are on. These are all things that you have to know about when buying these things. If any of you want to call me for advice feel free any time (978) 985-0639. I will be happy to answer any questions that you have. I know this stuff can be super confusing and I want to help you all make the best decision. Picture quality is something that is very had to get used to, but when some one walks you through it you will know when it is right. I had a guy come into my shop the other day saying he knew what a good picture was. When he left he said he had never seen anything as good as what I had running in my shop (Runco projector on a Stewart Screen, set up to ISF specs). I spent a lot of time designing that image and setting it up, but it has paid off. I have not had to touch anything in over 3 years!!!
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I have the 56' Toshiba very happy with it. Make sure you buy the theaterwide. One thing to watch out for is it a true HD set or is it HD ready. I would get the true Hd set. You have to add a set top box to the HD ready sets to recieve HDTV. (about $700 extra)
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