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Recomendations on boat lifts

Old 01-24-2008, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by marylandmark View Post
I have a 2006 Hi-Tide 10K elevator lift- not a fan of my local dealer or corporate at all. God help me if I ever have any issues with it. If someone were to give me one for free, we would not be friends anymore and I would ebay it..
Not happy to hear this. I was a dealer for 10 years and corporate would bend over backwards to take care of their customers. Even when an issue was a customer created problem, like overloading the lift by almost double, they warrantied the lift and covered any damage to the boat. Since Rich Greene passed away (he was the pres of the company) I've pretty much lost contact with corp. Going to visit them in Feb since I'm going to be adding lift #4 and #5 to the 3 already in my back yard. Really interested to see what they have to say.

If you want to give away a Hi-Tide lift I'll take it. My 3 which are all 17 years old this year have been completely trouble free.
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Originally Posted by Sea-Dated View Post
We have had several Hydo-Hoists and they are tough to beat.

Poly-Lift is a great brand as well, they were developed on LOTO and designed to handle toe rough water of the main channel.
Ditto on these two choices. Love my Poly Lift.
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Originally Posted by MillerLite88 View Post
I know that there have been some post in the past but I cant get the search feature to work for me.
Which boat lifts do you guys recommend and recommend to stay away from?
8,000#, 30' boat

Shoe, last time I was up there the lakes/rivers didn't have enough water to float a boat anyway (well, my boat at least). Must be all those tears from the Bama fans that are filling the lakes back up!!! How was that trip to the weed-wacker bowl in Shreveport?

Just BS'ing wit cha. How ya been dude? Where you keeping your boat? Keeping the boat on a lift is sooooo nice! You're gonna like that. Hope everyone is well in Bama land.
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I have a 12000 lbs hydro hoist for sale 2003 and in perfect cond. $6000
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Old 01-25-2008, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by marylandmark View Post
Let's see-

Dealer stood me up several times for install. I took off work to meet the installer, they would never show up, no calls and not answering the phone when I called. Several days later I would be able to reach them, get some sob story, set up install again and same thing. This happened 5-6 times, not just once!

I put my boat on the lift, lowered it and was watching how it went in the water. I used the junction box to start the lowering process and had the remore in my hand to shut it off, however it was not set to the correct code so had to run to the box to shut down. The limit switch failed and by the time I was able to get to the unit to shut the lift off the cable became wrapped in the motor. My lift sat underwater for about 2 months while being BS'ed around by dealer and corporate waiting for someone to come look at it. I couldn't raise the lift out of the water without sheering the cable off and didn't want to burn the motor out- was waiting for the experts to check it out. After about 2 months I had corporate ship me the cable direct and had it fixed at my own expense.

Had 3 limit switches fail before finally getting a refund which took 2-3 months to process.

So as you see- not a fan...
That just sucks. Honestly I haven't used or installed a lift with a limit switch, don't like the idea of hit a button and walk away.

With any lift dealers are a HUGE issue and like anywhere in the marine industry when they suck the such huge. One of the problems is many of the dealers are also pile drivers and bulk headers. No way you're getting them off a high $$ job to come service a lift. When I was in biz I only did lifts, I worked with pile drivers to get poles put in. That way I could service my clients quickly.

Again that really sucks and its too bad that things went down this way. I'll bring it up next time I speak to them. They do make a high quality product and their direct drive motors are the best out there.
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I have a hydrodock and it is a good lift. But without exception the owner/operator Marty is not one to deal with. No return phone calls, missed appointments, warr work that bills show up for and just seems that he is only interested until its sold....buyer beware
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