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Only Friggen Me!!!!!

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Mouse? I told them guys snakes.....lots of snakes not a mouse!
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That is one smart mouse. You should try to catch it in a humane trap and use it in a road show!
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Gino if we ever get together PLEASE do not be offended if I do not want to shake your hand for feer that some of this "luck" will rub off on me
Put your best foot forward!
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Use a stick tape trap for mice. Put some peanut butter on the center of the tape and you should have it in the morning if it is still there. Friend of mine had one build a nest in his head liner when he left his car in his brothers barn for a month. He couldn't figure out what stunk so bad until a friend found it's nest and it was gone. Mouse urine really stinks and is hard to get rid of the smell. Good Luck.
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Gino do you have any dog food in your garage if so get it out of there. i see cars all the time with this problem and the people have pets and keep the food in there garage
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Gino, You won't believe it, I have a Lambo Diablo and just last week found a mouse nest in the front, just on top of the tool pouch. My car dosen't get used much so it's a little more understandable. I cleaned out the nest,looked over the car very well and can't find anything chewed, lucky. I put mothballs under the front bonnet and some traps in the garage, that'll get em!
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my garage is clean park it here next time...
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Originally Posted by wananewboat View Post
Please tell us the cost of floor mats for that thing.
More then I paid for my last non-running 928 parts car!

Regardless of cost I'd being crying if I had too take those pictures in any car that I've owned!!! I feel for yah, that sucks!

I would get some commercial bait boxes from any warehouse supply store... Does a great job attracting them to the poison and away from Your prized possesion!

since our food processing is not running, keep my cars inside the building and keep the bait boxes fully operational!
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leave it with me in my garage, there is no Mouse that will last around me, Watkins Glen is nearbye a few hi G passes and they will move out.
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We will be on the look out for the lil guy

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