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Hi-Lift marina service dept robbed. Details??

Old 03-03-2008, 11:47 PM
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I have known Frank a little over two years plus. He can be hard to deal with at times but when it comes to the end , Frank is fair and a honest man which is more that I can say about others. If you can't understand where he is coming from then you better go get another life elsewhere. Frank I hope all is working out for you. Will stop by and sea you soon
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Old 03-04-2008, 12:02 AM
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WOW, this Chris guy is a walking rip-off artist. Actually, I can't believe, he's still walking!
Everything is for sale @ a certain $$
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Get him Frank. Let me know....
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It appears to me Mr. Flood continues to burn bridges and has a history of being a thief. I don't know you nor do care to know you. Looks to me like Frank gave you a second chance was was a high risk but knowing Frank he would give the shirt off his back to anyone that needed it. had no business to do what you did. I read your post twice and Frank's as well. I am totally convinced you are a dirt bag and then some. Chris, it's a small world...keep burning them bridges. What comes around goes around.
Frank...Good luck with this dirt bag and hope everything works out to your advantage. If there is anything I can do, you have my number.
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Default Its a shame

Originally Posted by thedonz View Post
Chris, you chose this battle in a public forum:

Should I say how you didn't have a dime or credit to invest and yet how I offered you an equity position? Should I say how your credit was chit because of the judgments against you which I was assisting you in resolving, and the criminal prosecution you had pending at the time for grand theft, which I also got a lawyer friend of mine to assist you in dismissing? Should I say how you asked me to take you off the corporate documents because you were running from the judgment in Bermuda and in Miami? Should I say how you lied to me about having money to invest and you kept promising you were getting a loan for your "contribution"? Should I say how you were going to hide assets from your judgment creditors? Should I say why no one but me could put their name on the guarantees and how I was the only one that could give his social security number to establish credit at all the vendors? Should I say how from day one you started doing work on the side on company time and received thousands of dollars from Premier Customers who you did not give receipts to after receiving payments in cash? Should I say how no one at the company could reach you for hours on end day after day when I called asking for you? Should I say how you were obssessed with getting check writing authority on the bank account when there was no need for writing checks. Should I say how I repeatedly asked you to interview techs so we can get the work done efficiently and you blew me off? Should I say how I repeatedly asked you to send me the pictures of the shop you took so I could forward them to Mercury with our application and again you blew me off? Should I say how you set a meeting with me on the morning of last Thursday to discuss "partnership issues", then to meet with Hi-Lift and Passport Marine and yet in the wee hours of the morning you came into the office and stole our customer list, deleted our company files, sabotaged our computer in a feeble attempt to coerce me into re-negotiating with you. Should I say how you didn't show up for our meeting or the meeting we had set with Hi-Lift and Passport. Should I say how you didn't even have the courage to talk to me, man to man, before doing such an underhanded act? Should I say how you tried to steal customers from the company by contacting them via e-mail and copying them with the sorry memo you sent to Formula? Yeah, you didn't think I'd find out? Well, many of those customers have called us to tell us what you did, and then ask when they could bring their boats to Premier. Should I say how Formula management that you sent this memo to told me they had heard about your shady background. Should I say how you are misrepresenting things about the company to Formula and the customers? Should I say how those same people at Formula you sent this memo to have actually told customers that they are to deal only with Premier as its certified service center? Yeah, you should check on that. Should I say how customers who's boats you secretly took to other marinas to do work on have actually contacted us recently surprised at what you did? Should I say here how you started calling me Thursday afternoon surprised that I hadn't called you and denying you did anything wrong. Should I say how I had to tell you not to call me anymore or Adrian since you were driving him nuts too with your repeated calls? Should I say here everything Adrian told you about how your excuses for what you did made no sense? Really Chris, blaming it on your infant daughter, come on. Should I keep going Chris, because I was going to keep this out of this forum since you already have enough of a bad reputation here. My friend, you did me a favor by taking those steps. I was the only one who stood behind you, like a fool, when Tres and Martin Offshore accused you of stealing, when Tommy of Chief Engines accused you of stealing, when Larry at Extreme accused you of stealing, when the Bermuda bank accused you of not paying your loans and credit cards. Yeah, I was the only damn fool you had, bro, and this is your repayment. Go ahead and sue, do me the favor, then you will see what real litigation is about. You won't have any other fool represent you for free, or in exchange for work you never did.

You did this. I didn't go crying to Formula or our customers behind your back. But my friend, the truth always rises to the top. You obviously will never know what it is to deal with honest people.
Should I say I told everyone what kind of person Chris is? I tried to warn everyone but in the end he finds a way to make himself sound like a good person. NOT!
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Old 03-04-2008, 10:17 AM
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WOW, Wasn't it just a month ago or so that there was a thread about the same person with alot of warning? Sorry to hear this, given a 2nd chance ( or was it more) you would think that a person would work there balls off and say thank you - yes sir thank you sir and work more and more to prove themselves worthy. Its a shame. I do hope he gets whats coming to him.
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Old 03-04-2008, 11:38 AM
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I thought only cats had so many lives. It's unbelievable this guy is still out there. He will cross the wrong guy one day and will get his due.
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Frank ,well said !!
Now maybe everyone will believe what we were saying all along regarding CHRIS FLOOD.
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Originally Posted by View Post

It,s very sad that you can,t trust anyone !
In business and life in general it's better to follow President Reagan's advice, "Trust, but Verify"

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The best place for Crook Flood is in jail!!!
You are judged by the company you keep!
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