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checkmate chine walk

Old 04-28-2008, 07:22 PM
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I bought a brand new 16foot Checkmate right out of highschool in 1982 I was bad azz !! It had a 115 Merc with power trim on the back and I was able to hit 55 mph and I was one of the fastest boats around at the time. Red and silver metalflake. Aw....those were the days..if I only new it then
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Originally Posted by PARADOX View Post
Awwhh... those wonderfull crazy memories.. "Youth"
I ran a 16' hustler with a 135HP Evinrude. jacked up 2"+.(mid - to late 70's)
I think the boat weight in about 200 lb. I didn't even need a winch, Just yanked it up on the trailer. lol.
Chinewalking was a norm. So much air under the bow.. my friends called it the "perfect.. f' ing machine" (the crazy. wild.. once) and a few..."the suicide boat".

I think a 23' - 24' boat would have less of a problem.. I bumped my ride up to a 21' after the speedy Hustler.
But I never had so much fun since..

Man, I know exactly what you are saying. I met some great people way back then while boating with that Mate and are still very close to a bunch. Epeek and I used to tie up way back then and party just like we do now !!
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Old 04-28-2008, 08:10 PM
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Hell yes! I had a little 16' baja sport back in the early 90's. Blew the 110 that came with, and replaced with a merc 200 + mods, hydraulic jack plate, nose cone etc. etc. Major handful but loads of fun. I miss those days!

I'm thinking a 24 will probably run 75+ with a 300.
Hydro stream was resurrected for a while as X-Stream... not 100% sure if they still exist, or changed name back to hydrostream. I think their biggest boat was only 21.
Also, tuff builds a beautiful 28' and a nice 21, but don't think there's anything in between.

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I got a 18 Formula (1979, but MINT condition... barely scratches on the original gel coat).. got a custom jack plate and we used to run a 235hp til we blew it and now weve got a Evinrude 225HO on it.. (hearing around 260ish horse?)

With new steering it chine walks a bit less but its still real squirrely from 60-75mph.... and when its running on fumes it can get pretty flighty.. Like they've said above... i've come to not have a problem driving through it for the most part..

Can't imagine you'd get any crazy chine walking with a 24 checkmate with a 300.... would probably be a nice 75-80 mph boat at WOT

just wish my damn formula was a little lighter haha
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Old 04-29-2008, 05:38 AM
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I had a Checkmate Mx14, with a 90 hp Merc. It was THE scariest boat I've ever driven. First time I put it in the water and got on a plane, it scared me so badly, I almost turned right around, and put it back on the trailer, to sell it. I got better at it, but it would make you white knuckle it at about 40 and above.
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Old 04-29-2008, 06:21 AM
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I picked up a red and silver metalflake 16' checkmate a few years back. Had to gut it and basically rebuild the whole thing. finished it up and stuck a Johnson 175 on it. Yeah... Scary would be a very good description. Sticking it in the water you had to have a real shallow ramp or you'ld sink in with that darn motor on the back. Reminded me of a commedians description of a boat. Said it was a bathtub with a tornado strapped to the back... Pretty accurate if you asked me. My friend still has it and it still has the 175 on it. Though he doesn't really open it up. He said something about wanting to live... LOL
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Wild rides in those outboards . Had this hydrostream with a worked 235 on it. Rode on the cav plate aired out . A wild ride working the wheel.
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I miss that little boat....I couldn't imagine trying to run LOTO on a busy weekend...I don't think you could huh....I will get back there one day...would something like a old scarab panther be enough boat on a weekend at LOTO?
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I had a 18' Hydrostream Valero with a 2.4 Bridgeport on it. 6" jack plate, foot feed & trim in the wheel. That was a riot to drive. Chine walk was an issue when you would string it out. Although after the bottom was tuned it was more predictable. My brother has a 20' Checkmate Enchanter 2.5 Merc. 12" jack plate. I'm not sure of the difference in the botom between what your looking at and his. He had the bottomed tuned also adn the boat is easy to drive and takes ruff water prety well. We've run it in michigan a lot.
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My 28' Convincer gets hairy at 76-78 mph. Has twin 260 efi's with sportmasters. The bow starts swinging from side to side. I need to switch back to the regular lowers with nose cones. It does not like sportmasters.
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