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Apology to OSO

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you missed nothing, just the crybaby group venting, pay no attention to them, they will go back to their cribs soon
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Originally Posted by Airpacker View Post
I still think you are suffering from a severe case of multiple personality disorder.
Which one was your favorite??
I think mine was BuddyOO
But that one didn't last very long.

Originally Posted by pasquesi View Post
What a load of s h i t ! Just like what our society has become....dumbed down, non-convicted, and far too politically correct.

"Oh, I'm sorry for BLATENTLY breaking the rules here. I was just trying to play. Can I come back now?"

"Why sure you can! You said the magic words. You are sorry".

So, if I get banned, just saying sorry gets me back in?

Why even have rules. Just let the site go to h e l l !

I will not be paying again next year.
The guy is a tool.
And a waste of time; Unless it's time spent letting him know our true feelings...
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Old 07-12-2008, 03:47 PM
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I should bow out, but I'm not. I was straight up to you from day 1 then you always had a way of twisting what I told you to make it beneficial to your side. At least when you were man enough to post it on here, I always could call BS and I had the written documentation to back me up. You had once called me and said "this is an ugly situation and I want no ill between us, I want to be able to sit down at a bar and have a beer with you, I apologize" I accepted then you turn around and blast me and call me a liar on the boards. You tried to screw me out of money, but fortunatly I protected myself b4 you did and then you try and screw a small time boat manufacter that was a squirrell trying to find a nut, and then lied about the whole deal trying to make yourself out to be a saint.

Your apologies are a waste a breath on your part and dont worry this is my last post on any thread that you are apart of. To paraphrase what someone else said above. A LEOPARD DOESNT CHANGE HIS SPOTS. Best to you and a forewarning to anyone who does business with you: BEWARE.

The moderators might buy your line of crap, but maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime the true Jim Darr will return and I am sure you will be banned again another 48 times.

Trent Weyant
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Old 07-12-2008, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Jassman View Post
That wasnt so hard, you should have done that months ago. Anyway's your last Fountain thread was a good one. That's what OSO is suppose to be about.
hey jass, was that an acceptance ???? things that make you go hhhuuuuuummmmmm.
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Till the next ban

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Trent, this is my final response to you as well, I owe you nothing, and you know it, the only thing you ever do was to move a boat for Venom and you were paid for that by me not the boat builder, you guys sent a demo boat which you admitted had been sitting in a florida field for a year, had mold all over it , no props, gauges could'nt read, and everything sun faded out and ask me to sell it for you. the boat handled so bad at 65mph we parked it and said come get it can't sell it, too scary. neither you or sal would come get the boat and left it so we would have to store and winterize it, boat was stored for 2 years for you in heated building, could not figure out why you guys would not come and pick it up until I found out thru a police friend you guys reported it stolen to collect insurance money on your own boat, there is still an outstanding invoice and lien on that boat that you guys never paid for, i could of just let the boat sit, freeze the engines sit in weather, but we made a big effort to protect your asset for you, pay your bill. Don't forget you guys called me to help you sell your boat, I did'nt call you. Buyer beware to you, is correct, so who now is the bs'er. I have a 3" thick file on everything documented totally, I'm glad you won't be responding to any more threads. several people now know every detail of the Venom incident with you guys, you both are con men. bye
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is this the same guy that said a 40 skater was a tub now u want one, wha t a moron
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I'm not for or against anything, but reading the drama sure is fun....

Who's next to come out of the woodwork?

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Originally Posted by 29Firefox View Post

If Steve was running OSO, he Jim wouldn't have gotten this far. But since IB is running short of members they let him slide back through the door....again.


Don't know you, better yet don't owe you but I can offer you this tip: Don't cause controversy and you won't get banned. If you just posted a one liner every once and a while there would be no drama. You tend to bring up old deals/ open old wounds and they you get booted.

Good luck, hopefully you have learned to play well with others......
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Jupiter I agree, I don't want any contraversy, but when people spout off with stories that don't have a clue if they are true are the problem, I just hope we can address boating issues and not talk bs about each other. I told OSO I would be cool and I intend to do just that.
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