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Avanti boats

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Old 03-01-2002, 11:43 AM
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Dont like what the whole company stands for, One person to try to make alot of money and screw his employees over and pay them crap.
Jay this is America and the American way.
Not that we should like it.

Any way I'm not buying the boat from them. and it's priced less then I can buy a used big-block/Bravo drive. So if the hull is good it's a steal.

Jayl13 when did you have a dragboat? where did you run I had an old Mandella for years.

Too everybody thanks for the information, I will be looking this weekend.
Old 03-01-2002, 11:49 AM
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Bought a 1969 ---17 foot Stephens Drag boat
Private from some guy up in New hope
Called Black Jack
454, blower scoop, magneto, Vdrive with brass prop
Not a bad boat until it got stripped one night (bastards)
was not bad, used it in the del river area, never found out about Rancocas creek until after I got rid of it. (Nice huh?)
in the channel it could not handle the waves for it was a flat bottom and with plastic seats and no cushions, was real hard bad ugly ride
had that for about 2 years
let me tell you though, ran like a ***** in heat on flat glass water
never cavitated, never felt light or loose, just perfect in smooth water
That is why I wanted more length and V shape
The glass water only happened after a rain storm but then you run into crap floating, logs, sticks, much crap stuff, so it ended up not being worth it to me
That is why I went offshore style and now have the 30' Baja
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Old 03-01-2002, 01:17 PM
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it seems you have the same opinion as me and many others about Dennis. Not only is he a Pr*ck, he is a lying fraudulent baster!! I unfortantly purchased my boat from him. He lied about the condition of the boat and motor and he even change serial numbers on the motor. It took me almost three years in court to get some restitution(sp). Even though I won in court, he still screwed me out of a lot of money. Dennis has been in and out of the Burlington County courts so many times, he knows how take advantage of the sytem. even when he loses in court, he still screws you. I met a guy who purchased a NEW 33' Avanti. It never ran right from the begining. every time he took it back to Avanti, the gave him some BS story. He finally had his own mechanic look it over. It had USED parts, WRONG parts and BROKEN parts on it. When they rig boats at Avanti, they really "rig" them - to last for about 2 months. I don't undersatnd how he stays in business!!
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That is what I meant about making money
He cheaps out as much as possible but has custom built boat pricing like the big boys.
His 33 has the identical deck as a older cig
He was using cigs paint jobs and duplicating them on his boats
Dude if you want to build a cig, go work for them, dont make home made copies in a gas station!!!!
im actually suprised cig never went after him for patents and the like.
he is just a piece of dirt and I would never ever want anything that he ever made, sold used, or anything.
If he had the perfect boat at perfect price used, I would not even go there to look, cause I cant stand him.
MissMyMoney, dude, i realize that it is not him your dealing with but the boat was made by him. His reputation preceeds him in the market in this area (since no one would ever sell his stuff elsewhere)and his rep quite honestly sucks horse ass!
Maybe if he does read this at some point, he will understand if he actually treated people nice, and not like morons, and took some time to actually LISTEN to what people want, he might do better.
If I was a small builder like that trying to get recognition in the world of performance boats, I think I would definately take a more proactive approach towards it and sell the best product with the best materials and bend over backwards to make people happy and give them the best service possible. That means work your ass off day and night to make someone come to a public forum and say "yeah, he worked with me when I had a problem and solved it fast so I did not have to have much down time with my boat" Or " He was great to deal with"
Amazingly, people remember bad **** that happens to them and the good sort of fades away
that is why good dealings will take you much further.
He never made enough money to move out of that gas station so I can only think he is doing something wrong next to the fact he treated me like a punk kid for years and years
Nuff *****ing, making me sound like a crybaby
MissMyMoney, if you buy that hull, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope we can hang out this summer on DE river. I wont bash you for decision (hey I bought a diamond in the rough myself) just really inspect that rig as best you can if you dont get a survey done (for a few grand, i might not bother)
if it is going to cost you 8-10 g's on up, get one
if you get an amazing deal, then check it out top to bottm with a fine tooth comb.
Stringers, fuel tanks, engine mounting brackets, drives, (his 27 only had single if I remember correctly), Hull, transom and all hardware, wiring, gagues, steering equip, all of it
If you need help fixing anything, let me know, you sound real close by to me
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Old 03-01-2002, 03:59 PM
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93 27' I love mine allthough I have redone just about everything.

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Jayl13 I boat around philly and tullytown and the CD Canal. Hope to see out there in your new toy.
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Old 03-01-2002, 04:48 PM
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Default avanti

I bought a 1983 27ft new from dennis, he did not give anything extra but did live up to most of his promises. I rigged the boat myself. It was the 1st outboard hull built. Handles the rough stuff well but is typical 7ft beam boat. ran around 70mph with old 235s johnsons. K planes are a must have.
Old 03-01-2002, 06:51 PM
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I have worked on several Avanti's and am very familiar with the boatsThey are a great riding boat and very strong. The hulls are hand laid and the top deck is bonded to the hull. That alone can't be found in either Baja or Formula. The 27 with a HP 500 is a mid to upper 70 mph boat stock. The great thing about them is that they take rough water like nothing I've ever been in. A lot of people have had problems with Dennis, so I won't go there except to say I have never had a problem with him. I do know others that have. I don't believe he's ever put used parts in a boat without the buyers knowledge but he will sell a new boat with used or buyer supplied power to lower the price. Whatever you hear about Dennis, the boats are great and you'll love the way it handles. Do yourself a favor and go for a ride in one.
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you are one of few that has never had a problem with Dennis. I know for a FACT that he put used parts and wrong parts on a brand new 33. I know the owner and saw the boat and parts. I went to court with him to testify about the condition of the boat and my experience with him. I would't buy a spark plug from that lying piece of dirt (sorry jay, I stole that line from you - it's so appropriate !
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My there is a lot of Dennis bashing going on.I have owned a 22 with 440hp 454 speedmaster#2 and for a 22 it rode well but a little squirly. I have also redone 2 27s for people. The last 27 I installed a 850hp 540 in and rerigged the whole boat. For such a narrow beam the 27 has an exceptional ride even in 5 ft seas. Try to keep an open mind when looking and remember everyone has an opinion.
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