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I hate to say this.....

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I'm in the same BOAT here with the www police and I hold my breath sometimes lately looking at some of these threads!! Let's give a warning for we people that care about our jobs or HAVE to work to live! Thanks gang.
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I'm with you guys...not worth the trouble at work..
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Same boat here!
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.......and again, same here. In fact, on a yearly basis I must sign a Business Conduct Guidelines form renewal, and one of the line items has websites with unappropriate nature in it. There is zero tolerance for it, and its all logged. Is it worth someones job? (fyi, I sent a note to OSO about this subject this morning)......Would'nt it be just great to get OSO on the "hit list", I think not.
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Ive been at McDonnell Douglas and then Boeing for almost 16 years.

BI (before Internet) - never heard of a white-collar, worker-level employee fired.

AI (after Internet) - at least once a quarter I hear of a dismissal.
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There are a lot of people waiting in the wings to see what happens and if things do not change then they are looking for alternatives. Seems that Hotboat is one of those places. Damn shame if you ask me!!!! These are guys that made this board great and now they feel alienated from hear.

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Thats the best reason yet to clean up the "porn pushers"..Compaing about it because it offends you is one thing........But The "porn pushers" putting your job at risk just because you logged onto a "Boating" site at got ambushed with job ending porn pics of people and goats is way over the line and I don't think anybody can argue with that....But I'm sure that somebody will prove me wrong...

sorry my post is one long sentence...OOOPS
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supercrash is post menopaus, no periods
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As a fellow Carter Member of this great board I am honestly appalled by the conduct of a small number of not so boat committed board members. There is a place and time for porn and then there is a place and time for boat talk. Donít get me wrong I have nothing against seeing a hot boat and a hot lady in a hot bikini they just seem to go together, but this is not a porn site. I have gained much useful information and received priceless help from the true backbone posters of this site. My point is that an occasional tease rouse or exposed tit is just part of the true boating sport, but the overall theme is boating and it needs to stay that way. I will continue to remain part of this board try to set a good example with my posts. I will however continue to push for sanctions against those among us who do not possess the same motivation and love for this board as the true core of boating enthusiast that I have had the pleasure of meeting here on OSO. Thatís all folks!!!
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Pasted in from the my post on the thread about Too Old leaving:

This board has definitely gone downhill. I think the smut and vulgarity on the web has a place, but it is not here. There are a bunch of folks on here that like to read OSO while at work, and the smut and vulgarity has really hampered that ability... see below.

I work in the Communications Security world; Specifically Telephony System Security. Companies have Intrusion Detection, Firewalls, and Web-Watcher equipment on their Internet connections to ensure that only official and legal material is transmitted across their Internet lines. They are designed to look for offensive words and pictures. When they block the non-preferred traffic from passing with technology, that is where my company comes in. We developed a way to keep all those 'smart' people that use a modem at work to connect to an ISP and surf whatever they want at work, on company asset equipment. These people obviously take their career/fate into their own hands by doing this practice, but they also open up HUGE security holes to the organization when they do this.

Sorry to go off on what seems like a tangent, but it is related. I work from a home office, so I have free will to do what I like with no one watching, to a point. However, if I were in an office environment, and they were able to see that I was on OSO, and pulling up vulgar language and offensive graphics, all transmission to that sight would be blocked, and I would be tempted to enter what I described above. As I said, there is a place for smut and vulgarity on the web, but OSO is not it.

We like and encourage OSO to be read and followed by the boat manufacturers. That way they have another way to receive our inputs and ideas. How in the world can we expect them to follow OSO given what I described above? Why would they want to? This is why OSO was panned in at least one print media magazine.

People; please think, just think, before you do stuff.

Too Old, I highly respect your presence on this board, and miss it already, especially since we now own the same make of boat. I think you may have been just the person needed to do what you did to wake a few folks up. I respect your decision, however I really hope you do consider returning to OSO. If anything, please keep a presence in the Tech Forums and Owners Forums. You are far to great a knowledge and experience base to lose.
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