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Tips to sell 29' Veloctiy VR1

Old 07-31-2008, 08:43 AM
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Default Tips to sell 29' Veloctiy VR1

I posted this same question a little while ago in the Velocity forums. Bottom line is it is a bad time to sell a boat, but a good time to buy a house, which is what my wife and I are doing. Unfortuantly, I need cash and the boat is the first thing to go. I've had the boat listed in the classified for some time now, and keep lowering the price: http://www.offshoreonlyclassifieds.c...o17026-en.html

I also put it on boatrader, but haven't gotten any interest from that yet:

E-bay was brought up as a suggestion, but I have very little experience with selling on e-bay and would rather not learn with such a big ticket item. What else can I do to get more exposure? I know Velocity's are not for everyone, but it has been a very good boat for me and I know the next owner would get just as much enjoyment out of it.

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wild paint jobs can turn a lot of people off
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Old 07-31-2008, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by wellcrafted View Post
wild paint jobs can turn a lot of people off
So I should re-paint the boat?????
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Old 07-31-2008, 09:31 AM
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I haven't seen your add till now, and thought I had seen them all in this size and range, but guess I haven't checked out Velocities really. Your boat looks real nice and like one hell of a deal. I think posting this question here is a good start in getting more views.

I personally don't think you should necessarily repaint the boat, unless you are a painter and can do it for cheap. I'm not a flames fan, but your boat looks nice, and most people into fast boats like something bright and standout. Paying for paint won't return much on the investment.

Your add is good too, but you could throw in some more scantily clad chick shots (probably won't help you sell, but we'd all appreciate it)

The ebay idea I think is good for exposure and calls, and I don't think most deals are actually made through ebay, it's just more advertising.

Last, as someone who bought the house first and is now boat shopping, you are crazy. Seriously, there are much better investments than a house, and renting requires less upkeep and hassle. Not to mention the flexibility to move for better jobs, or whim, or whatever. I know houses seem like a bargain now, but I thought that in 06 in Detroit. Now I have a place with negative equity, and no damn boat (till spring anyways). So, if you really like boating, don't sell it. Keep renting, and take the extra house cost you were going to spend and invest it in mutual funds or something that are most likely going to earn you far more than a house, but minus the headaches and trapping you in a location.

Good luck.
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I personally like the boat.... I think it looks cool and sounds like a hell of a deal. Just keep the faith and it will eventually sell. In this market people just arent splurging on toys.
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I wouldn't sweat not being able to buy a house right now.If the market is as bad by you as it is here you will be able to buy them for half price next year.

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not alot of advice on how to move the boat right now, nice boat BTW, I had a 280 velocity before our nordic, and I liked it. The economy just sucks right now, and like others had said here, buying a house today, might be worth less in 6 months from now? It's crap shoot, maybe if you can buy a back short sale, but some of those take forever to finalize.
good luck.
Everything is for sale @ a certain $$
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Post more pics of the wife in your ad
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CA, bring the boat out to the coast more, not many people on the lakes around here are looking for these boats. Just a thought to have more people see it locally.
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I have been looking at your boat for a while, but with deals like the 01 36' Baja with twin 500EFI's I just think it's a little over priced.

Just trying to give you some insight from a guy who is looking right now. Funny thing is the paint job is what drew me to it.
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