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I have a couplea v-hulls 32 ft long with 2.5 Mercs on each one...and they BOTH do 100mph +.
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Vicious One,
Ya it's me. The amout of traffic this web site get's is amazing. How's biz? I'll try to stop by next time I'm in the area.

Glad to hear the goods arrived at their destination. Let me know when it's together and we'll start the tuning.

Several things contributed to us taking time off after the 2000 worlds: lack of $, lack of time, 3rd kid... to name a few.
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Catastrophic, Everthing has been absolutly fantastic I'm in a new shop on rosso hwy. (aka) hall rd. New shop is at 28145 kehrig dr. chesterfeild (586) 598-4077 Just moved in last week , what a job that was !!! Still not finished I have Bill Robb working for me he is the oringinal designer of the REDLINE I'll show you the drawings of the new deck ! Give me a call!!
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22' Advantage Sport Cat, 509/Bravo1 114.5 mph @ 5600 rpm with 32 pitch Bravo. Time to try a 34.

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Not quite 100 but still respectable,
I've seen 5600-5700rpm's with 1.36's and 28 B1's in this boat. I know it wasn't quite 100 because we were racing Vicious1 and he was pulling away (later he said 101-102 on his GPS).

Hello Curt ,
welcome to the board, be careful it is an addiction
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2002 28' Profile Cat 750 HP Imco 2" lower unit and a labbed 36 four blade minus the difuser ring = 108 mph with a 1/4 tank of gas and about 1/2 -1 foot chop.
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There was a time when the 100 mph club was someting special. No factory supplied boat would touch that speed. The only way to get there was lots of inovation and hard work.

Times have changed. Now anybody can buy a 100+ boat with full factory warrantee. From a 19' STV with a bone stock 280 (105 anytime) to a 34 DCB with twin 900's (130 anytime).

I am not saying that is a bad thing - just that the anti has been upped. It has been a while since I have seen any boating event (not race) where 100 would even get you in the top group. Takes 120 or you might as well stay home.

1st 100 mph - 1981 19' Sanger flatbottom - 106 thru the traps.

Fastest - 1996 31' Warlock - T53 Lycombing Turbine - 128 radar.

Latest - 19' Liberator - 340hp 2.5 Merc w/200hp NOS - just going in the water so ? but 100 should just be a number to pass in a hell of a hurry.

Fastest ride - 170+ with Howard Arneson. An incredible experience. Been lucky enough to take this ride a couple of times.

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25 daytona..106mph 509/bravo1 888hp
I don't need anymore speed
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I had it on GPS this summer at 153MPH with a pair of 1000 HP Bandit engines. Over the winter we built a pair of 1500 HPs. Hope to water test in two to three weeks.
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