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Originally Posted by GO4BROKE View Post
Bigger boat had the right of way, (and its the bigger boat!) but was too stubborn to avoid an accident. Smaller boat is unexplainable. Both are morons.
It's hard to tell the relative sizes, but the "bigger boat" was not a ferry or supertanker. The smaller vessel was approaching from the Starboard side, and had the right of way technically.

It was obvious to those on the deck of the larger boat, as well as the pilot on the smaller boat, that a collision was imminent. I'm assuming those would technically be the Lookouts on each vessel, as a Proper Lookout is required. In this instance, rules of right-away are secondary to avoiding collision. Both vessels should have made a pronounced, deliberate turn to starboard. Both skippers were culpable in this accident, which was obviously avoidable had either master observed any of the rules of navigation. Sadly, they observed none.

Too many boaters out there now drive to the plotter.
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Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
In this instance, rules of right-away are secondary to avoiding collision.
Proper knowledge and adherance to navigation rules and rules of the road would have avoided this incident all together. Seems like a few people here need to take a basic refresher course ...
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holy crap.
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Originally Posted by RedDog382 View Post
WRONG!!! According to both inland and international navigation rules, the smaller boat approaching from the R was the "stand on" vessel and clearly had the right of way. The larger vessel is the "give way" vessel and had the duty to alter course to avoid the collision. The video clearly indicates who is at fault. I would love to have access to it if I were the stand on vessel obviously going to court over the incident.
Your 100% correct. Hasn't anyone here taken a Coast Guard Course? Rules of the road apply. Stand on vessel has the right of way for what that is worth. Wonder why neither sounded a horn as a warning to the other.
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there both morons!!!
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Large vessel was clearly the give way vessel; idiots had time to recognize a collision but not try to avoid it. Plus, how many people aboard both boats with their heads up their a55es!? Although one should be able to trust the Captain!
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who cares about laws... if you see an accident coming, whoever is in fault, THE STEERING IS THERE TO STEER !!!!!!
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From the Coastguard Navigation website, and yes I have the Coastguard training:

The International Navigation Rules do not confer upon any vessel the right of way however, Navigation Rules should be regarded as a code of conduct and not a bill of rights. They do not bestow rights or privileges, but impose the duty to either give-way or stand-on, dependent on the circumstances. What is important is not so much what things are, i.e. sailing vessel, operational, etc., but how to avoid collisions, e.g. although under sail yet able to be propelled by machinery, obtaining an early warning by radar, etc. Understand, the Rules are in place to prevent collisions not to define nautical terms or to be subjected to strict interpretation.

Common Sense Rule:The boat with less manueverability has the right of way, generally thats the bigger of the two. Although the rule 15 states that the Starboard vessel has right of way Rule 7 states every vessel shall use all available means appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions to determine if risk of collision exists. But looks like the smaller was on autopilot with idiots at the helm. Hope no one was siriously injured.

Also, does not anybody else notice that the large yacht is not moving, either at anchor or drifting. if it was moving forward it would have went right through the smaller yacht and then passed right by.

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Holly Sh!t
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does anyone have insight as to weather the larger boat was slowing or trying to aviod?? Might take a while to correct once each pilot understood that there may be a problem. However it seems that the smaller boat on starboard was moving at a higher rate of speed???

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