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New 36D's

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Congrats If you don't mind me asking : how much?
might be in the market.
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Take it from will enjoy them . matter-of-fact I enjoy all of them.
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Man....this will be the only time you will not mind being a *****.......Jennifer just has hers done a month ago.......

Best money you could spend........clothes look like they are supposed to look.....Ya know on the girls that model them with "bolt-ons"......

And boy is she gonna be sore!!!!!.....Jennifer didn't move for about three days......sleept for only about three hours a time....nothing that more Loritabs won't fix though....

Make sure you have some of that rubbing gel......I believe it's called Arnica gel.......stuff is great....use it as much as she you get to rub it on.......very very gently will kill the bruises in a couple days and it's very relaxing to her.....

And also sports bra's all the time.........if she leaves iot off for more than a few minutes they will hurt for me...

Tighter the better is the rule too......don't start massaging them right away...give it a couple weeks...then she won't mind at all.....

Oh yeh....bikini's take on a whole different meaning now.......
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My girlfriend is going to get a set. What can she expect to pay for an under the muscle job? Going from a B to a Large C or small D. She asked me what I thought about her plans... I said, Oh why not stay natural....NOT
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congrats todd and connie cant wait to see them this summer
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My wife would probably punch me out for asking her to do a "boob job". Lucky for me, she's smart & good looking. Still, you don't mind if I notice your wife, do you? We need an Icon for "drool".
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We went to the University of Madison(WISCONSIN)The Plastic surgeon that did the surgery is DR.ROA he is the CEO of surgery.The cost is $3,512.00 for under the muscle.The reason it is so cheap is ,DR. ROA has students in to watch the surgery and any pre-op or post-op appointments.We talked to alot of local dancers that had it done and they paid anywhere from$6,000-$9,000.It was pretty cool talking to dancers about their tits,even got to see and squeeze some,i hated that,didnt mind watching the wife squeezing some hot dancers tits,hell she didnt mind it either Here is a pic of our Supercat team in KEY WEST, it is the only picture i can show you guys right now any other ones will get me kicked off the board . Going left to right is DANL his girlfriend Becky,my wife Connie,me,kneeling down is brokenparts(Brian) and his wife Jene',the other 2 guys in uniforms are Sean our glass man and Todd(owner)the chicks on the right noone knew them they just kinda got in the pic.It got really drunk out that night.Try pulling that boat thru the streets of KEY WEST drunk even had back down some streets.I will send some pics as soon as iget some of the new additions
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You got to go window shopping before she bought WOW! and you got to see how they feel on another chick. That's MINT!! Your a lucky Man I think I'm going to do that and if she catches me I'll just say that I was just thinking buying a set tits like this as a gift for you honey . You think she'll buy that!
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jdnca 1 - I'm embarrased to say, but I went to the plastics dr. yesterday.......I was looking for another procedure & inquired about larger-boltons among other possibilities. I want my J Lo booty to match my top. 36/30/41 1/2-baby got back (that's the brazilian in me-LOL)I was given $3900 if I did another procedure at the same time or $5100 for just bolt-ons. That's going from a large B to an full C/empty D. That's about the size most women want to get to-can either wear a tight C or loose D.

As for above the muscle or below-if she has a lot of breast tissue, then go for above-it will give her a more natural look w/out the appearance of the dimple effect, plus they won't feel as fake. For women that have very little boobs, they do under the muscle to give it more padding. 80-85% of bolt-ons are under the muscle. Go with smooth, not textured implants. Textured will often get that dimple effect at times.

Me, I'm not getting them, I really want something else done. I feel if it is a must-then go for it,but why not work w/what you have? But have had 2 friends that are nurses-work in Plastics offices so I get the scoop & see the pix all the time. Now, if I could just go work for one-LOL.
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