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How many really go "offshore"?

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Default Offshore

Originally Posted by BLee View Post
I'm always with Nort on this topic. The ocean is offshore, the Great Lakes, are the Great Lakes. I have boated on Lake Michigan many times and it can get ROUGH, but by definition it's still a "lake".

That said, we go offshore boating all Winter down in South Florida!
"Offshore" to most guys is running up and down within site of a beachfront as fast as they can which is why you see so few "offshore boats" with radar.

Usually in so cal we go from Long Beach or Marina Del rey to Catalina, Avalon if you want city type services and 2 harbors if you want it to feel like youre "away from it all". Its 26 miles from Long beach and about 35 from Del Rey.

This is why I bought a radar.

I grew up in Chicago and totally agree about Lake Michigan. It can be one of the most brutal environments imaginable with completely unpredictable wave periods.Not at all like either ocean where the wave directions are usually quitre predictable ad you can run a rhythm. Very tricky and "lake is kind of a stretch - inland sea is a more accurate term.

I give that water and the guys that run it respect.

"Uncle Dave"

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Originally Posted by Wobble View Post
I usually make it out into the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston a couple of times a year. Pretty much stay in sight of land as there isnt much to look at out there
Ditto here. We usually stay within 10 miles of the shore here in Galveston. Occassionally I guess we might wander another 5-7 miles out, but really doesn't make much difference if you ask me. Down here there isn't much more "offshore" unless you go WAYYYYYY offshore!!
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The longest trip I have taken in the Bullet is in the Great Lakes went though the lock and into Superior for a round trip of 1000 mile granted it was over a few days Lake Michigan.
All the great lakes can be brutal even in a fast boat can be tough to out run some storms as the come across..
On superior I was right where the Fitzgeralds sank and is was flat as a plate of piss.
Have done a few solo crossings of Michigan.

Done the Miami Key west run 7 times and dont consider that offshore.

Hope to join the FPC club for one of the runs to the Bahamas
Kept the Bullet and the condo and joined the cig 20 restoration club.
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Iím 8 miles from the Santa Barbara harbor. When we decide to out, we drive thru the UCSB campus (close by). If there are any swells or white caps, then Iíll take the boat out. Otherwise itís like going to the Lake and we go drinking.
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We take the Fountain out around the islands off So Cal. Most weekends until this past year, where my work load and the cost of gas has greatly curtailed our boating. Next weekend? Maybe, looks like a warm sunny weekend coming up.

A typical weekend is from Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard out 11 miles to Anacapa, then along the south side of Anacapa and Santa Cruz to Coches Prietos, Laguna, or Forney, or all the way around to the Painted Cave. Sometimes over to Santa Rosa, or even to San Miguel. We'll stay one or a few nights out there. My wife was a chef on private yachts, so the gourmet food is made on-board. Total run of about 100 to 150 miles per weekend.

Sometimes we go to Catalina, or just along the coast and anchor off Paradise Cove in Laguna, Malaga Bay near Redondo Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Pt, Oceanside, Mission Bay, or Shelter Island.

We have taken the boat to lakes a few times, and thats a lot of fun too. But there is nothing like having the horizon be the only limit.

We've run this boat about 12000 miles off shore. Total in powerboats is about 80000 miles. Total in sailing yachts is about the same. Two times trans-atlantic, twice trans-caribbean, twice thru Panama, three times Transpacific, all through the bahamas twice, months cruising the caribbean islands, 700 miles near Juneau and Sitka last year, ...

So yea, offshore!
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This is offshore.....
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Originally Posted by smokeybandit View Post
Way back in the 1980's all of our races were offshore. That's why it was called offshore racing. I don't know why they call it offshore racing now.
It should be called "Formula Inshore Offshore Powerboat Racing Super Professional Circle Spectator Series". Registered Trademark of TI 1 Industries LLC
Dying,....Is the day worth living for!!!!!!
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I have been 15 miles out in the Scarab and almost 100 miles out in the gulf in the Proline.
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Originally Posted by BY U BOY View Post
I have been 15 miles out in the Scarab and almost 100 miles out in the gulf in the Proline.
Sometimes distance is relative. Boy

15 miles is only 15 minutes or less and 100 miles could be as short as a time as 1 hour, ( to some.. ) it's an hour and a half for me..

Ofhore to me once you can't see the coast line... no matter how long it takes you to get out there.
But again.. I was lost last year 2 miles off from shore, in a fog. Couldn't see 10 feet.
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I would consider "offshore" out in the open sea. Not in an inland water way, and not in a large bay protected from the swell by land mass. Offshore is out in the deep.

I do agree with Nort also to a point. It is an inland water way but any "lake" that can sink an oil tanker is water worth respecting.

I consider the water we run in up here to be "offshore". Big, unpredictable water with wind that wraps through the channel islands making the seas confusing at times.

And with that said, I was out on a buddies Cig the other day here and we both decided we'd much rather be boating in the inland water ways of So. Florida!

Nort, where's the pics of us running the Formula near the "offshore oil rigs"? That was a fun day.

Here's a couple pics or running "offshore".

And some video of us running "offshore" in the Pacific Ocean a few weeks ago.

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