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The engines that I have are t53's... If you would prefer the type that have the output shaft on the hot end side, ie t58's then I know where a handfull of them are avalible as well. To be honest I dont think I need to have 4 engines laying around and I would seriously consider parting with a pair of them, but rather than selling, I would much rather either: A) trade for or towards an apropriate hull to put the other 2 into, or B) sell them to someone for a very good price if that someone can help me get a great hull at a good deal.

With that said, I'll shoot you off an email in a bit. let me re-iterate the fact that I'm not a hot boat 'guy' ie my experience thus far is limited to putting around in my little mirage, hoping to find a foolish jet skier who thinks he wants to race :P althought I know the diffrence between a surface drive and a trim tab, I dont know a whole lot beyond that. I certainly apreciate your, and everyone else's suggestions and pointers!!!!!

Thanks again
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I sure would apreciate any other pics of the 39' express cats... My email is:
dont forget to change the obvious anti spam modification
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