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Kachina Boats?

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When my father was looking for a new boat a few years ago, we got a tour of the factory by the owner. Very nice guy. My father didn't end up getting one but the factory was very clean and friendly. I have been around a few and I would concider looking at them for a lake boat. For the bay after having my scarab, probably not, but maybe the 39' Drone
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Originally Posted by Uncle Dave View Post
Sounds Fair, and good to hear about the new design being yours.

Company management does change, and it is a legitimate request to give the "new team" a fair shake and that's not at all unreasonable.

A potential buyer should give you a look, - and check out everything he/she can, its their money they are spending and they should be informed as to what their options are.

As to discussing or judging a 10 year old boat, there are a couple of things to consider. Every manufacturer is accountable for every boat with their name on it, and in the cases of a purchased company sometimes you (a manufacturer) have to answer to problems with a boat you didn't even build!

As anyone who's bought a boat knows Boat "notes" are almost always 10 15 & 20 years in length- so most likely the last guy to buy a Labala is still making payments on it.

As much as it may be an "old model"-you still have to answer to it and cannot cry foul when facing criticism because it has your name on it. That's a hard reality for any vendor to live with for sure, but that's just "the way it is".

That said EVERY manufacturer has good and bad designs and we (and I do) hold them equally accountable.

I think you guys have stated a clean case to take a fresh look, and truly wish you well-

It does me as an American no good to ship our money employment and business to Sea-doo, or Yamaha when the business rightfully should stay in the US

Uncle Dave

Uncle Dave, I do agree 100% on spending our american dollars with american owned and operated companies be it boats, cars, electronics or anything. We are still under the original ownership and have not sold out to anyone so I wasnt trying to disown our Labala. I have many customers that love thier Labalas and I see them all of the lakes. All I was trying to say is that it is hard to compare a 10 year old 22.5' boat with the boats we are buliding nowadays,lol. I think we have always built quality boats and you are right that sometimes companies make designs that are not the most desiarable but you still have to stand behind them. Its all trial and error sometimes. I do know that over the past several years we have really revaluated our company and our boats, and we are really emphatic on making sure everything is top notch.

We will really be concentrating our marketing on the east coast this year so you will be seeing us very soon. The new 39' Patron is ready and it standard equipment list includes staggered 525's , XR's, ITS ect..... If I told you how much we are going to be selling this boat for you would swear we were crazy!! I do really enjoy speaking with you guys!
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