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What happened to the Gary Taylor update thread?

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Default What happened to the Gary Taylor update thread?

Just curious why this thread was deleted?
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Originally Posted by johnnymo View Post
Just curious why this thread was deleted?
Just by reading all the pther post before they were deleted, I can tell you that he was arrested, and he either posted his bond or is still waiting in jail for his bond to be posted. He has plead not guilty, so now the State of California will begin preparing their case............Now e they are preparing their case the Prosecutor will ask and try to get his atty to accept a pea agreement. Now we will not hear anything or will anything be published unless they are close to the family and decide to talk about it.

The next hearing will be down the road and might take months. The actual trial could not even be for a year.
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Thanks for the Info.
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Default Good question?

It may be that they (OSO) decided to delete the thread and not announce it which is a double edged sword.

Usually an OSO moderator will announce they are locking or deleting a thread as they do it.

I can understand why they would want to do this as issues like the GT thread really bring out the worst in everyone, but at the same time I feel the OSO moderation team is driving some portion of their paying subscribers to other sites.

Controversial threads should be placed in a "brawl section" and that everything but threatening personal violence should be OK.

The nature of the boating community is to congregate together, swap stories, experiences, share information, complain, brag, and most importantly - argue about real issues affecting us-

Take that ability away from the group and they will naturally begin congregate elsewhere.

Uncle Dave
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Uncle Dave... As I stated on the first thread, I was closing the thread until more information was obtained... I was asked to do so by some members since the thread was either getting ugly or getting off topic...

On another note, Us OSO mods have been very lenient on deleting threads lately, we know you feel like your have NO freedom of speech.... Guess damed if we do, damed if we don't!
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It's good that the Boating forums have chose to side step this issue and shelf it entirely.

It's loose - loose to cover it and all the flotsham and jetsham that goes with it.

No good can come out of a discussion about it online or in print in a boating publication.

Glad to see it gone.

You can get all the updates in the Ventura Star or wait until Gary beats the accusations and get his side.
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Originally Posted by Elite Marine View Post
I started the thread for only updates. I know Gary and want to see what really happened here.

Tony - my email is [email protected] you evidently know alot about this and I would appreciate any info/updates you can provide me.

That was my only reason for starting another thread. Evidently people couldnt respect that. Typical.

Thank you,

It's completely understandable Kirk, and it took huevos for you to put your name out there and ask. I will certainly email or PM you any info as the truth develops.
Many of us bought engines from and are friends or co-workers with GT, and of course want to know all about it.

But, unfortunately the threads go sideways. When Gary walks out of jail, it makes the forum look bad innocent or guilty because it's such a bad situation and OSO is mentioned in every breath the news media takes.
Print, electronic and on TV and radio OSO is mentioned. I'll explain why:

Some have selected to tar and feather him. Jump to a guilty conclusion that will go full circle.

OSO is the premier class act boating website.
For OSO to give any impression that it takes any side can easily blow up its reputation.
The news media has in the past printed OSO as THE general opinion of his fellow boating friends in this incident, but:

The media will most always run with the bad or guilty opinions and forget the mostly positive support GT gets.
That reflects on OSO.
Especially if GT is found guilty, then the media will turn and focus that OSO readers supported this sex offender.

So it's good OSO has shelved it for now.

Anyone that remembers the spectacular Catalina Island Gold Cup tournament may remember one of the organizers and board members of the tourney went through the same accusations.

This premier tourney eventually folded over this incident. Then the supporters of the guy, that is the sponsors, island business and worldwide mfg's, took a big reputation hit in the community and the game fishing world.

So, one can see why OSO backs out of hell when the thread goes south.
It's the point where they and their reputation get drug into it.
It's loose loose.

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Could some one email me what happened because i am looking to buy his blower that is for sale my email address is [email protected]
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Fat tony...I never posted but I appreciated and understood your comments on the original thread.
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Originally Posted by Fat Tony View Post
or wait until Gary beats the accusations and get his side.
Is this your opinion? But then you state later that it's good oso deleted the thread because the media later prosecutes the supporters. Interesting. It's also interesting you've never posted here until now.

You gave your opionion, now I'll give mine. He won't be beating this case.

However, if you want to be a true friend (which you obviously are a friend of his). How about you morgage your house and come up with the 100k bail he needs for the bond. He's been trying to bail, it's a fact. So step up, put your money where your mouth is.

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