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Whats your opinion on 28-30' boats

Old 03-15-2002, 12:51 PM
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Don't let the 7' beam scare you off the SUPERBOAT.... you won't find a better built or handling SINGLE or Twin engine boat in the 30' range.... It has great lines & you will not find them parked at every dock.... look around for a used one.. most owners never part with thier SUPERBOATS.... that should tell you something by itself.... SUPERBOAT is one of the very few true custom boat builders left.... John will build it to your specs... you'll have the only one of its kind... and it will last as long as you do... I've owned 4 Ceckmates, 2 Eliminators, American Offshore... Stokers... Lasers & STV's.... all great boats... but nobody does it any better then SUPERBOAT.....
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Old 03-15-2002, 01:06 PM
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I noticed that no one has mentioned Nordic. What about a 28 Heat? From the people I've talked to that own them they have been very happy with the boat, not to mention their lines are really attractive, and I believe they are mid upper 70s with a single BB.

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Old 03-15-2002, 01:39 PM
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I know what you're goin through. I went through it last year when I was looking. I looked at nearly every boat that you have. I ended up buying a Pantera. They are quality boats. I have never heard one negative word about them. The cabin is not very tall, but it has a lot of room and the cockpit also has more room than most. As far as power to move it, a 500hp will get 70mph.
Sunsation was also high on my list. It would run 70 with a 502mag. The cockpit was too small for me though. The fit and finish was excellent. The cabin was nice, but was smaller than Pantera's with about 4" more headroom.
Never looked at an AT, because I wanted to stay with single engine and didn't see any used ones with singles. Also figured it would take more than a 500hp to break 70. The cabin looks to be the largest.
I looked at a 27 Warlock also and it had a lot of headroom in the cabin, a lot of freeboard and a good sized cockpit. I would have liked to have looked at a 29, though. The 27 just wasn't a big enough move up in size.
PQ was OK, but nothing overly impressed me. Seemed like a family type boat being promoted as high performance.
So, I guess all I can say is Good luck on the decision.
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Old 03-15-2002, 01:56 PM
speel chekk this fokker!
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actually you shoudl definatley contact sean abotu his cig.

I have seen this boat and it is MINT! Plus he is buyong a 35' cafe i think, so the 28 needs to go. Sweet boat damn near brand spanking new. It has 2 brand new drives (bravos) and 2 brand new engines. They boat was a complete restoration and all parts are factory new from merc. It also has a new cockpit and cabin.
Pardon me, while I whip this out!
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Old 03-15-2002, 02:45 PM
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[i]Originally posted by catmando
Yes but the SBs are lighter and smaller, so all other things being equal, the AT will be faster, and have more room under the hatch as well. More fuel efficient also. Then Whipple those suckers. [/B]
Catmando- Exactly what I'm going to do to mine!
Dustin claims 500HP power at conservative boost on the 350Mag MPI's- should be quite a ride when I'm done!
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Old 03-15-2002, 02:51 PM
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Whassup they are all great boats, (Sunsation, Active Thunder, Pantera, ect. ) All the boats people have mentioned. You should narrow your search down to as many as you can look at. Pick the one that best suits your needs, as well as your kids.

There are a lot of great deals out there, be patient. Did you see the 1997 28' Sonic with 650HP for $55,000 in boat trader. I would also look at that 28' Cigarette for $35,000 thats a nice boat with warrentied power plus its unique. The 28' Saber in the classified for $55,000 with HP-500's is another really nice boat it must run around 80 MPH. Another boat I don't think anyone has mentioned is a 28' PowerPlay. There is one in Boattrader, a 1999 with twin 350 Mags, I think it's around $ 50,000 with that power it won't have the speed you are looking for ( probably around 70MPH ) but what a nice boat, I would definately look at that. Good luck

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The 288 only comes in single engine applications. You don't get the twin capability until you go to the 32 where you can choose single or twin...

As far as tight, most twins are tight unless they're staggered...
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take a look at AT's 32 and 37!! GREAT engine room!!! i wish the scarab was like that!!
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Have a 28 eliminator hp500 open bow with the small cabin with sink fresh water, couch's Mid 73 mph double drop hull,,, there fine boats and very fast
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I'm surprised no has mentioned the 29' Outlaw. It is a true 29 and it is alot of boat for the money. There are some good deals on used ones. The cabin is big and if you don't beat the hell out of it, it will last as long as you stay on top of it. Don't get anything less than 454 mags. Just my 2 cents.
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