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fastest mercury 700 vhull?

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Beak or no Beak the COAST GUARD classifies it as a 38 and WHO am I or you to differ with them. After all, all of the boat beaks NEVER touch the water. If its so important to measure length, then lets compare weight of all these boats. It is much more important. Most of all the other makers lighten up their boats to reach the speeds Fountains run. Our race 38 weighed 8300 pounds empty and ran 112.00 with 525s. The record is now 115 with a 42 (OK 40) with 525s. A 11000 pound O/L can not possibly run with a 9500 pound Sunsation with the same power. ECT.
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All of them will run that fast as a matter of fact it doesn't matter what power you put in them they will all reach terminal velocity when you throw them out of a plane....

Dying,....Is the day worth living for!!!!!!
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Default 39 Rockit by Hustler

The 39 that we brought around to the Poker Runs last year was built as a promotiional boat only. We wanted to take the boat out and make sure there wasnt any issues before putting it out on the market. This is really our first year of putting this boat on the market and you will now start to see this model show up at the Poker Runs.

This is a true stock Mercury 700 boat with NXT1 Drives and top speed reached in the boat was 111.5 mph. The boat did 110 mph at the Rock The Bay Poker Run with 5 people and 110 gallons of fuel. There is not any whipple kit on this boat ( 5800 Rpm) . This boat runs at 5350 Rpm. Anyone who would like to Demo this boat or come for a factory tour, feel free to call me at 631-208-2933

If you would like to see the debut of this boat at the New York Poker Run. You can call Billy Frenz at +1(203)-532-1312 or email them at [email protected] and order a the DVD. The Rockit was 4th to the Tappanzee bridge with 5 people on board and 239 gallons of fuel on board ( full tank ).

Length: 39'11"
Beam: 8'8"
Dry Weight: 9800lbs
Cabin Height: 5'6"
Fuel Capacity: 239 US gallons

You can read the full performance test of this boat on page 22 of Poker Runs America Magazine.

For some detailed photos of the Rockit at the Miami show go to

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Originally Posted by Watching View Post
This is not an anti-Fountain statement, just a fact. It is not fair to compare a 38 Fountain to a 39 Velocity, 39 Hustler... The boat is nowhere near the size. Add a beak to one of those boats and they are 42's. The comparable boat is the 42 Fountain and we all know it. 42 Fountain pleasure version with 700's with a cabin runs in the 108 mph range I believe.
I am not going down that path, the post was "Fastest mercury 700 vhull" Doesn't matter if its 12' or 50' , If Velocity has built a 32 with 700's "Stepp up" or if Hustler has built a 344 with 700??????

Until proven wrong, I stand by "we have a winner"
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Go Big CR 700's are for Democrates!
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We have been talking about a fast 700hp single project as well. I would agree that the Ilmor package is looking better than the Merc 700 package. Conservitive calculations say 110mph, but perhaps the greater efficiency of the Indy could get us more like 115.
We'll have to try it I guess.
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Originally Posted by cfischer View Post
Crazy that a 42' pleasure will only go 88-89mph with staggered 525's. Hard to believe 20mph faster with 700's and 6's or NXT's????

Well C, how many OEM bulkheads were in JR's 50 Hustler after it essentially split a 50 foot boat....?
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Default Here is some video of her running.
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I find it hard to believe that the skater v-bottom will be outrun by a fountain with the same power...

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