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OB Cancellation Facts

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Default OB Cancellation Facts

Here's the deal.

1. Yes, Thunder on the Gulf has brought in several million dollars over the years.
2. Yes, The Gulf Coast Power Boat Association wants the race to continue. We didn't just get together and say screw it, cancel it. It was a serious, long thought out business decision. The Board of Directors of the Gulf Coast Power Boat Association are volunteers, citizens of Orange Beach, own businesses in Orange Beach, put their hearts and souls in this event and are directly effected by this race not happening.
3. Yes, We have had several Charter Sponsors who are having just as bad of an Economic time as eveybody else and are cutting spending any way they know how to survive.
4. Yes, The Perdido Beach Resort has pulled it sponsorship which amounted to about $40,000 worth of rooms, meeting space, tents for VIP parties, and assorted other important services.
5. Yes, The City of Orange Beach has laid off or eliminated 40 positions due to budget shortfalls and are not in a position to contribute hard cash just in-kind services (public safety/pubilc works).
6. Yes, The Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau has commited to in-kind marketing but not hard cash.
7. Yes, In-kind services help, but they do not pay the bills, IOU's and handshakes only go so far.
8. Yes, the low boat count last year hurt us. "If there is no show, there is no dough." Direct quote from a potential sponsor. You, the racers are the key to the show.
9. No, The Gulf Coast Power Boat Association does not have any money in our accounts to produce it after being audited by the State of Alabama Tax Division and paying back taxes that we were not aware we owed.
10. Yes, As of this morning no one is waving a check to pay for this years race.
11. Yes, If there is someone out there willing to wave a check the GCPBA will produce the event. This is not a secret, there is no need to work around us.
12. Yes, New sponsors are being contacted for 2010 that did not have funding in their budgets for this year.
13. Yes, If this race does not happen in 2009 it wil be a serious wake up call for the businesses in the area when the revenue is not there.

There you have the facts.

If you have any questions, please direct them to myself and they will be forwarded out to our Board of Directors.

For the Board of Directors,

Samuel C. Jackson
Vice President
Gulf Coast Power Boat Association
[email protected]

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Sorry to hear that but I think you made the right decision at this time. The economy has effected everyone and people aren't travelling like they did before and are watching their money as they don't know if they will have a job tomorrow, if they aren't already laid off. No one is safe in this economy and those with money are holding on to it, just to be safe. You mentioned the low boat count last year and that doesn't go unnoticed by sponsors. If there was ever a time for United We Race it is now and hopefully there will be good boat counts at the other races. Good luck with your future plans and thanks from all the spectators who have enjoyed what you and the Board of Directors, of the Gulf Coast Power Boat Association and the racers have all done for them over the years by bringing in this race.
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As a racer and fan I am very sorry to see your event struggle. I am also a site promoter in Michigan and I know just how hard it is to raise a buck. It is a sign of the times and I hope organizations like yours are still around when things improve to provide these events for the racers and the communities you benefit.
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Get the OPA to come to the race with there 50+ boats. You should make it the OPA worlds
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Maybe 2010 will be better for everybody

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I just got back from Orange Beach and stayed at the Perdido Beach Resort. They are hurting, there were just a handful of people in the hotel. Not enough to open the breakfast buffet. But they did say that their reservations were up for Spring Break. I hope things get better for all there. Lots of great people and natural beauty. I noticed that 2 of the restaurants we usually hit were closed.
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