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OT- WTF! This is the demise of this nation! >

OT- WTF! This is the demise of this nation!


OT- WTF! This is the demise of this nation!

Old 03-27-2002, 05:04 PM
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sorry Baja.sometimes I assume things...I think that the country thought this issue was over...now they bring it up again and if "they" make any progress with this suit it will divide the country worse than the OJ trial...I wish it would just go away...If the media play it right the whole stink will go away...If they want to though they can start a big problem with the people even if the suit fails...Lets hope for the best
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Old 03-27-2002, 05:21 PM
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OK,Heres the way I see it.
The slaves were captured and sold by "black African" slave traders.Many were transported to Jamaica where they were resold to "black"slave traders who immigrated from west Africa.They were then sold to white and black Americans in a time when it was perfectly legal to do so.So,this suit is a joke because it is based on allegations of alleged wrong doing against black Africans,not by the "black Africans" who kidnapped and sold them,not by the "black African" traders who sent them to America but by "Corporate America"who in all truth,violated no laws applicable at that time.Unless I am mistaken,a "white" American government body passed into law a bill that outlawed slavery somewhere around the 1800's.Therefore,if anyone can find a surviving member of the "black African" slave traders who kidnapped the slaves from their homes in Africa and sent them abroad, they can sue them.Other than that,not one responsible person who commited any crime is still alive and available to be sued.Therefore,the person who brought this suit to court should be laughed at as a pathetic waste of education and any and all costs incurred by the courts should be paid by this same person.
Well,thats my opinion anyway,for what its worth.
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Old 03-27-2002, 05:42 PM
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Right on airpacker.The slaves already had MASTERS before we got them....lets go after the preveious owners which are BLACK....
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I was listening to Howard Stern one day after 9/11 and he says...."You wanna scare those Taliban???!!! Lets get a bunch of planes and parachute a whole bunch of LAWYERS into Afganistan!!! They'll turn that whole (Taliban) govt in to crap and have those bastards running for the hills in no time!!!"
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Default My 2 sense

This lawsuit is rediculous at best. Just another way for the LAZY to leach off the backs of those who work hard for their money.. How god got mixed up in all this a few posts back is beyond me. The constitution clearly mentions seperation of church and state..
Anyone with common sense knows you learn from your mistakes ..Slavery was probably a mistake. We learned (civil war) and slavery was abolished.
The problem as I see it is a general problem happening with this country. People who want to redistribute the wealth by any means possible.. The democrats are very good at this. And look how good it works (soviet union), broke ! social security, broke!
And a welfare system rife with corruption. Thank Christ Goerge W made it into office..
And as far as getting reperations. Lets just play it by the book. If you can correctly document labor costs hourly wages etc etc.. for the time spent working on the plantation . Subtract the cost of the union army and all equipment used in the civil war ..Im sure we would just about break even..
I wont get into Ginetics here
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Old 03-27-2002, 07:58 PM
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just reminds you that with everything that has happened to our country in the last year, our worst enemy is still right under our nose!!!!!! this should bring race relations to an all time highin this country. freedom of speech is one thing but malicious rambling is another. i hope they burn this lawyers a$$ when this is all said and done!!
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Old 03-27-2002, 08:34 PM
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Following up on airpacker's comments. I would bet that if enough"research" is done on this matter some of the guilty decendants will be found to be living in this country-and African-American. This will open up a whole new set of questions?? Could we even talk about the fact that they sold their own race?? We don't now. Will all the African-American stock holders be exempt from the stock losses that these companies will suffer??

No, what is really happening here is well documented in the recent book"Shakedown" about Jesse Jackson. These suits will be settled for some large amount of cash to the proper organizations, they will continue to abuse the money, and then when caught claim it is a conspiracy to keep them down.

Loser Pays would be a huge step forward towards stopping this BULLSH*T
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