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Off the wall question... Miami to Bimini....

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Big blower motors burn roughly 80 gals/hr @ WOT each so double it for a twin triple it for a Triple and so forth!!!!!
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Originally Posted by thumper038 View Post
"all of it every time"
Love it!
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Default Fuel burn

Originally Posted by SmurfOnAGixxer View Post
I was showing/telling a buddy of mine about the Gino challenge and showed him the youtube video of the mercedes boat...

I was telling him about the run to Bimini and back of 106 miles... Times of 43 minutes I believe I read?!?!?!?

Anyways, he asked approx. how much fuel is burned in the run to Bimini and Back to Miami?? And I didnt really have an answer as I do not have the slightest clue as to what kinda of MPG these motors see at near WOT. I Guesstimated somewhere in the 150-200 gallon range for the run...

Am I anywhere near close???

Like I said, kind of an off the wall topic, kinda would like to

Thanks for any replys.

PS. Sorry to hear about the bad luck Gino, that was still one hell of a run...

You are correct.
The 50' Mystic with Turbine Marine Inc Power burned 185 gal of Jet A.
The boat was not working hard at it cruise speeds 150-180 Mph.

Hope this is what you where looking for.

John Arruda
Turbine Marine Inc
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The Freeze Frame boat Used 90 Gal We Went 113 miles
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