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Ron ,The size (.22 ,.38.357,.44 .45 etc is the diamter of the bullet .These also vary in wight and legnth of the led itself , and in the amount of powder in the casing . For example a 45 shoots a 230 grain bullet standard . It has some kick to it ! You can go lighter with a 170,180 etc . It will not kick as bad ,and is fine for most shooting . 9mm for example is a very light bullet shot at a high rate of speed It has excelent penetrating ability . As it is small and fast ,it goes through more with little damage .Good for targets ,cheap to shoot . good for shooting through a door to get a bad guy ! If you want "Stoping power " Home defense type . Large caliber slower moving . 40 cal, 45,44,etc or 50 cal in extreem ! THey will have the most hitting force and do more damge to stop an intruder the first shot . I have herd of criminals being shoot multiple times by 9mm's and still going ! 357 is an average size bullet with extreme force and speed . It can go through an engine block with ease ! It is considered a cannon ! Normaly the bigger the number the nastier the gun . Usualy 22's and 9mm's make great target guns . Easy to shoot , cheap to shoot . If you want a gun for target and protection all in one , go at least 40cal ,45, .some times gets cofusing .like a 45 is powerful but a 44 is a monster . The numbers don't always make sense .

If it's just for shootin can in the back yard a 22 or 9mm is nice .

High capacity I beleive they cosider more then 10 shots . I can tell you if you have 10 shots of 22 or 9mm it is fairly light to carry . If you have 10 shots of 45 it gets heavy . IN my case when I was in competition I carried 7 - 15 round mags and the gun ! It felt like about 100 lbs ! That was alot to run through a course with ! It was alot of fun though . MAybe I should start going again . LAter ,JOE
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For a concealed carry weapon I would go with the .40 cal Glock. The only safety to deal with is on the trigger which is automatically disengaged when pulling the trigger (and if you are taught correctly you should not have a finger on the trigger until ready to shoot). The .40 is a great "people stopping" round. I would stay away from the 9mm and .380 as Troutly stated, they are not as effective in stopping power. I also have a "mini glock" .40 which is very small and easy to carry but still fires a good effective round.
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Man, all you guys need to get with the program! DESERT EAGLE is the ONLY way to go...gas operated and accurate, minimal kick too! .44 is mine, but the .50 cal is AWESOME!
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boot where did you used to shoot? if you liek shooting sporting clays there is agreat place near allentown PA. I shoot there soemtimes when i go to visit my girlfriend at lehigh.
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