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Originally Posted by RunninHotRacing158 View Post
You better spend more time working on those motors than posting. Your buddy, the one who dumbs down posts for me, said you will have your boat back running in a couple weeks.

Sorry BIG Daddy dont want to dissapoint but im not an engine bldr & so need for me to work on these motors just Pinky to write the check ... may want to get your work done (star witness) so you can spend some time down here at the Daley Center

As far as the old gas comment ??? Old post had nothing to do with LARRYS ENGINE & MARINE so dont back down & wuzzy out ... $$$ 5000.00 to an OSO charity would put smiles on a lot of kidz faces ...
Went right over your head....
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Sounds like RHR158 has a few too many personalities workin' the keyboard.
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I dont mean any disrespect, it's just that some posts talk in the 3rd person??
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ok so who all is posting as RHR 158? just asking so we can keep up.
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I've bever been so confused!
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Just refer to him as "Senior Citizen [email protected]"

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Give him back half his money and both parties call it good and move on.
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You have essentially identical motors . Instead of literally not addressing any question presented to the builder- how about providing an answer to some questions- Please provide this audience a piece of your knowledge and experience. You are in a position to ‘teach” us all something- step up to the plate:

1) What is your timing?

2) Is your cam advanced, neutral, retarded?

3) Your final compression ratio?

4) Why do you run aviation fuel? Is it easy to fill your boat because you have access to it or do you run it for the octane value?

5) Your peak boost values?

6) Jetting- primary and secondary. Air bleed values. PV values.

7) Methanol/ Water injection- ratios to gas? Trigger points? Variable?

8) Why is your tune different than Runnin Hots?

WAITING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U also mentioned 6000 'elevation at Larrys engine & marine shop where you built & dyno'd these motors would they have been rich/fattened up to take into consideration our air density at 700' elevation ??????? mmm
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Hell I just want to see someones dyno sheet.. I'd love to see the hp/torque chart going off the scale.. We only have a little 540 with 740 ish hp..
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Originally Posted by 99fever27 View Post
Is anyone else confused here?

Nope, not at all. You have to understand that some of the posts are from Big Bills son, who does alot of the mechanical work on his toys. I don't believe that Bills son has his own user name here, as he rarely posts.

Hope I made some sense here, I'm almost getting myself confused. LOL
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