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Handling comparison, 28 Skater vs. 30' single V

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Originally Posted by Austin View Post
The Secret Agent video and the Pantera video show totally different water conditions. We're talking "calm" in the Secret Agent and "moderate" in the Pantera video- "rough" is something you would't want to go out in.
I agree. I posted that to show the boat running in mixed conditions. A 28 can be a handful in choppy, confused water. They can be a handful in calm water when running over big cruiser waves...they are just extremely light boats.

However, I would guess the Skater is running 110 or so where as the Pantera is running what????? Wonder if the the Skater could run 70 or 80 in the same water the Pantera is running in?
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All this talk about rough water... the same old chit.
It's all subjective.
IMO, secret agent is CALM.
Superboat, just enough chop to air out the hull, still relatively calm.
32 Skater through Plum Gut... rough. I'd like to see him turn around and run it into the waves (3-4ft to me.)
The pantera airing it out is tougher to judge, with it being from a chopper. But w/ the boats attitude, looks like 3s, but more spread out.

I'd like to see a 30ft cat running in 3-4s. I think its done, just probably scares the piss outta those that aren't used to running like that.
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Originally Posted by onesickpantera View Post
Not saying it can't but I'd love to see a video. Tons of videos out there of 28-30 Vs in spread out 3-4s but I can't find any videos of under 30' cats doing it.

Even back when good offshore racing was on TV (2002 if I remember correctly) there were a couple races that had some big water(Cape Cod?) and I never saw a under 30 cat run like the Factory One guys.
I was in the 1st race on the cape and the top classes were only running 64mph that day waves were a lot bigger than 3 or 4 ft f1 was running in the 40s with p5,4,3, f1, 6ft plus lot of boats got broken up in all classes, and 2yrs later I was out there in a 32 sutphen to watch but it got canceled, then the next yr they ran that was it it was 4 to 5s thats when the turbine ol spun out in px1 or p1 there were never a lot of cats inthose races I have the tapes from FF. WISH i HAD THE ONE FROM THE POKERRUN in the 30 spectra we started 20mins late and got up to everyone 3rd stop caught the slower boats going to the 2nd stop. best ride is a 46 skater been in 5 to 6s going to block floating along at 80 cause of the crew being girls from teens to 63 haha otherwise it would of been quicker.
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Originally Posted by Pure Energy View Post
Here's a 32 not doing so good!! Funny, this video is in the same place as mine.
Looks like Hugh was not on the sticks going through Plum Gut in his 32 Skater!!
but you have to really respect what you do with a "cat" in a following sea, unlike a deep vee!!
a 28 Skater just isn't a big enough cat on LIS unless you really pick your days!!
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