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525 efi verses 600 sci

Old 11-16-2009, 10:11 AM
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Default 525 efi verses 600 sci

what do most of you think is the difference in price and HP worth stepping up from the 525 to the 600 merc? what about reliabilaty between the two? those of you that have the 600 sci what kind of hours and luck have you had so far?
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I would go with the 525 out of the two, the 525 makes closer to 550 and yes less torqe but it wont kill drives as much since they both mostly come with XR's. The 525 also runs on 87 oct. I would go with the 700 nxt if wanting more hp. it's more money but worth it.
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plus later you can Whipple the 525 and get 800 HP
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I was told last week that the difference between a 600 and 700 was the computer. I sure thiers really more to it but i heard it doesn't take but a little programing to pump a 600.
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Check out the CMI's if buying a used 525. Big issue there.
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My Glad runs great with the 525's wouldn't trade them for anything.......Turn-key every time out...
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I thought they don't make 600's anymore...

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Yes... they make 600sci's
They dont make 600sc's

The difference between a 600sci and a 700sci is:

The cam
1/4 inch taller innercooler
Different program in the PCM

I love my 600sci... it will spank a 525 in acceleration.

Mr Whipple has all sorts of goodies for the 600sci:

Stage I - PCM reprogram = 670hp+/-
Stage II - Above + smaller pulley = 730hp+/-
Stage III - Above + custom cam = 830hp +/-
Stage IV - Above + 4.0 = 880hp+/-

He also offers various stages of water re-routing kits to help cool the intake charge.

Plus the 600sci is about the same price as a 525 with a whipple kit on it... and you get the factory Merc warranty.

Hope this helps,


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Mercury is still making the 600. New programing so 87 octane is now the standard fuel requirement.
I love my 525's but wouldn't turn down a set of new 600's.
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