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raylar have you seen this

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Your opinion is further validated by what happened with the 525hp marine version of the 496 GM tried to field when the 496 first came out. One had to know that Merc could probably have sold a 525hp engine at much lower cost than their blue motor using that package. But Merc knows things about marine durability that I doubt GM has a total grasp of, and Merc only kept offering a much more expensive package. I'm probably a witness to Merc wisdom with my 9 year old 500 hour bone stock 575's. Merc knows marine durability.

And what happened with that 496 based 525hp says something else about offshore racing. You can be competitive and even win with an engine that will not have long term durability in the commercial environment.

Pesky Varmint

Originally Posted by Raylar View Post
Yes, Ive seen the advertising and the claims. No, I am not a Guru of small block performance marine engines. Have we developed and built several larger cubic inch noramlly aspirated LS based engines, you bet!
GM does not back a warranty on this supercharged crate engine for marine performance usage period!!
When one or two are in a boat and have run a hundred hours or so with no problems, then I will say they might have really got something here.
Ponder this, if this supercharged 365 cubic inch engine is so good for marine performance usage in moderate size boats why did Mercury, Volvo, etc. pass on its use and development. Could they also know something most others don't?? Humm? I know they tested them extensively!
But hey, don't let me stop anyone, go ahead and buy one or two and give'um a go! I love to hear success stories!

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
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Originally Posted by mikebrls View Post
Sorry I havn't made it by there yet, too busy working!
Everything is for sale @ a certain $$
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I find it interesting that on the GM links it says marine engine but it shows it with auto exhaust manifolds. also says that the availible option is the ECM kit. how are you supposed to run this thing without an ECM that is setup for the application?
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