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Need opinion on next boat.

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I know a guy with a 38 & it is a really nice boat. His runs in the low 80's with 575's on boxes.
I rode in it on Lake of the Ozarks & it was a solid ride.
TONS of room over everything else you listed.
The back seat will fit 4 fat guys or 8 skinny chicks.
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How fast do you think this one pushes 70?
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There is a reason there is a big red 1 on the side.
And if you can do it go T/S. My built up 575s push mid 90s

And i moved from a 29 outlaw to my 38.

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36 Apache!
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a god friend of mine bought a new 388 slingshot in 2004, he said he never liked the ride, ran 3 years ,traded it,
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If your considering a 36, have you given any thought to a 35 cigarette? Alot of nice cafe's out there way under your 100k. You should even be able to find 35 Top Gun or 35 Playboy. Cafe and Top Gun have the same hull (no steps) playboy is a newer hull with steps.

Cigarettes are not the fastest on flat water but they are solid wave crushers.
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There's a lot of good deals at 100k out there.

I would definately ride in each boat you're considering before you buy (hopefully in decent size water). The ride varies from boat to boat in my experience with the ones you posted. You may be suprised.

Also, don't let a salt water boat scare you. If it's well taken care of doesn't matter what water you boat in. Just like if it's not well taken care of, it's not going to matter.

Take a good look at the ergonomics of the boats you're considering. Some of listed are very funky in my opinion.

I wont bash a brand in public. But I know of a brand that has been mentioned here that I've ridden in that was HORRID in big water and two that I know of had delamination problems (as in cracked hull at the strake!).

I moved up from a Baja to a 38 Top Gun. Would not baulk at owning a 36 Outlaw or 40 Outlaw again. I think most people that talks sh!t about a Baja has never owned one. The majority of people that have owned a Baja would own one again from what Iv'e heard/read.

If you're thinking about financing a boat after you sell yours, you better get some firm quotes before you sell your boat. I'd hate to see you boatless and not be able to get a loan. From what I've heard, getting a loan right now on a boat is next to impossilble...And that's from people that could buy the boat cash.

Oh, and of course, you could always buy my boat!

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Interesting...glad to see someone out there spending some money, but don't be it's been stated here there are some craz7y @$$ deals out there. Depending on how patient you are there are some deals you won't just need to make sure that if you're taking something in that $100K mark that's a steal that it's not in need of some serious TLC or for that matter major repairs.

Not meaning to bash anyone, but I would stay away from boats with big power or power that's been're typically buying someone's problem (I know there are exceptions to the rule) but there's nothing worse than going as deep as you can on a boat only to have it break and you don't have the coin to fix it.

Some of the boats you were looking at were well under your $100K budget...that means money left over to pay for fuel baby!!! LOL, all kidding aside, you can invest a little coin into some nice options (GPS, new canvas, stereo, etc.) and still not be close to your $100K limit.

I don't think the car comparison between the boats you've listed is fair...I don't own a Corvette, nor would I personally buy one, but take a Z06 for example...that engine is to call it a production car is hardly fair. The performance is Super Car capable at a fraction of the cost and far more reliable than any of the Italian cars you've I don't get the analogy there...not at all.

Pretty sure it was as if the Baja were the Corvette...and last I checked Baja isn't performing at a the same level as some of the boats mentioned...they're not a bad boat...and I'm not sure what some of you are thinking, they're not exactly cheap...not new at least. Certainly though, they're not holding their value as well as some of the other boats listed in the used market.

It's been a while since I've really looked at a Hustler, they're nice boats, but I would still consider it a production boat...along with Donzi. Cigarette was the only custom boat I saw listed. Now you might qualify that by saying that Baja is a "mass produced" production (if you stretch it) offshore boat in comparison to the other productions boats. They don't build a whole lot of their bigger models...not as many as you might think.

One thing I will say about them or hate them, they're responsible for getting a lot of people into the offshore market...they did a great job years ago in promoting and marketing their products and making offshore style boats attractive to a larger audience.

I know how a lot of people feel about Bayliners (not comparing them to Baja) but they're got an enormous amount of people into boating by offering some of the most affordable boat and trailer packages around...but on the other hand, they're also one of the biggest reasons other manufacturers were forced to cut materials and in many cases quality in order to compete with the lions share of the entry boat market. In my opinion giving many newbie boaters a bad taste regarding boating...they felt that all boats were simply junk, fell apart and were continually in need of repair. Efficiencies in production by many marine manufacturers enabled companies to compete in this market and cut materials out without sacrificing overall quality, or at least to the point where they boats weren't actually falling apart on the showroom floor, during delivery or in the first few days of ownership.

So...if it were some banks find out about repo's....pray on the weak and get your best deal!! Glad to see you're upgrading...anyone right now spending $100K gives us all hope that this economy is turning around.
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Hustler is far from a production boat! But yes the ride isnt as smooth as a Cigarette.

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