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Mercedes Boat Speed Run!

Old 03-10-2010, 06:41 AM
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Congrats Nice run
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Member of the Liquid Jungle
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Sick sh!t! JT in his socks running that thing like a rapped ape!!!

I was turning blue watching this...

Congrats to the whole crew.
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WOW that is insane speed for a pleasure boat.
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Awesome, is there another word for it?

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Congrats Gino, that is a very impressive number in a very impressive boat.
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Originally Posted by schnydo View Post
The Secret Is The New Windshield
maybe or J.T.'s magical socks.

If I were Gino, I would make some new cat killer shirts and on the bottom on some corner put a picture of the socks or he can purchase them from him un washed and carry in his pocket kinda like a good luck charm..LOL

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Outstanding! That is the real Mercedes Boat for sure!
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As much media coverage as jt's socks have recieved, when Dennis boat is done and we go make a speed run video I'm going to sell advertising space on jt's socks....

Left ankle location--- $ 500
right ankle location-- $ 300
top of left foot --- $ 800
top of right foot --- $ 1200
10% discount if you buy multiple locations
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