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46' Black Thunder, first performance boat?

Old 03-30-2010, 10:34 PM
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we like our 43' BT, personally I don't see the need for the 46'. To me having that extra row of bolster seats would get in the way of moving about the cockpit and if I am not mistaken some of the extra lenght is for a longer engine compartment to accomodate a staggered set up. With the 43' you don't need the extra expense of triple engines. We tow it everywhere with a one ton GMC dually. The reason we like it is because each time we take it out we spend one or more nights aboard. LOL at our age Ian and I appreciate the headroom and the large Vberth. Jeff's right the 43' Nortechs are very nice as well. The cig, while a great boat, will not give you the same the headroom. But before you buy you should check out several brands and think hard about how you plan to use it. Good luck with your searach

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I bought my BT Brand New in 1998 I loved the boat and we ran it from Grand Haven to Milwaukee or Chicago at least 6 times a year
I bought it for the room and comfort (We traveled almost every weekend with the boat)
The reason for the change from 43 to 46 was to extend the swim platform over the drive area after they had first used extension boxes and liked it so they extended the back of the boat under the platforms on the 43 when they built the 46 they just moved the platform back out over the protruding drives
Funny thing the early 46 could not stay level and you had to work drives and tabs to get it to run level (I think this has been resolved now ) I ran the boat in seas no one should have been out in and was a great boat!
Unfortunately I think the owner of BT has lost his way The boat has really had no significant changes in many many years. The 46 and the 43 were really not allot different from one another If i were buying one today i would go looking for a 43

Nor Tech is a good alternative and has the best of the modern upgrades. Terry Sobo was the Sales Manager at BT when I bought my boat and has been running sales at Nor Tech for many years you will find no better guy to deal with

I do not have an upgraded acount here anymore but if you do a search here you will find pics of my past boat
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Old 03-31-2010, 06:18 AM
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By the way I looked at sonics back in the day and they do not compare to a BT or especially to a Nor Tech
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Old 03-31-2010, 09:18 AM
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Wow, you are smart to avoid the 2 foot itis disease. So many first time buyers start out small only to move up and loose $$$ in the process as it is very easy to dump $$$ in selling and buying boats! However, THAT is a HUGE boat as a first performance craft!! I say go for it but set aside some time and $$$ to be trained by someone that owns similar so that your first experience docking in the wind does not wind up on YouTube.

I sort of chickened out and went from an 18 foot single to a 29 foot twin, next is the 37 to 46 (depending upon what is available when I have money again, after this disasterious real estate market). I would not trade the training my 29 is giving me, big enough to cause some concern docking but still small when considering the next step.
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Good point on the Nor-Tech Jeff and Marc. I don't usually compare a BT to a NT, as the NT is a bit higher end, and a bit sportier.

However, overall boat size characteristics definitely make sense.
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Old 03-31-2010, 11:12 AM
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Looking at your 2 comments, "overnighting and occasional floating office", you will not find a better package than the BT for that. My 46 has hot water heater, cable/phone/water/power connections, A/C-heat, microwave, nice bed, large sofas, excellent storage, tv, gen, macerator, nice shower, and the list goes on. The beam is also 9' 6 making for the largest cabin in it's class. I have spent many nights in mine anchored and at dock and does very well all the way around. The NT definitely compares in some areas, but back in the years you are looking at, the BT was very good for overnighting and floating office space. I will say that my bow thruster reeeeeally helps around the dock. There is also not a bad seat in the cockpit for guests. All can see outside the boat very well when running.
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Thanks everyone for all the comments thus far. I will not be towing the boat. It will stay in the water all year and driven to a storage facility on the Chicago river.

The 42/45 Sonics have been on my list, but as much as I know 4 feet is a big difference, I figured with that size, I may as well go with a BT. Cigs are great boats, but not enough cabin space by comparison (I know I will probably get beaten for making the cabin such a priority).

Fact is that THLWL hit the nail on the head in his post. That's exactly why I want a BT. But, as said earlier, I don't want to end up on YouTube!

Nortechs are great boats, but probably a little pricey by comparison. Jassman, that is a great looking boat.

Ms. PatriYacht-I have not ruled out the 43. I would prefer the EC but do not want triple engines...although I hope I do not regret that as someone said earlier...
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I wouldn't leave any performance boat in the water longer than a week, get a lift for it. If not and you are going to paint the bottom get a boat you want to have forever because you will never be able to sell it for a 1/4 of what you payed in a few years. Sorry for the hate but perfomance boats left in the water don't do well.
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the newer BT handle better than the old ones, you can get great deals on them now , we just picked up a 2007 - 46 for under 160k with only 15 hours and 525's
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We have a 50 hustler lots of head room big bath room got 3 950 can run 110 mph had a 40 before it also had 6 foot 3 inches of head room and a big bath loved it also you might check them out . Joe & his people at the factory are good to deal with to .
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