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Democrats live in their own little world. There is no reasoning with them. They will alway think there is a conspiracy this and fraud that. They are afraid to see the truth.

Then there are those that don't vote and THINK they have an opinion.

He STILL han't answered the question!!! Just more soapboxing!

Kinda entertaining, but also kinda sad.

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This is for the Democrats that think that gore should have won because he had the most votes (fact ). If popular vote was the way of voting than only the people living in the big cities would ever see a politician. Also only the laws and politicians that pased the laws that favored the big cities would get elected. Here is an example of how it would be for you lightweights ( cat and super ). You buy a nice new condo and it is all you can afford. This condo project consists of different styles of buildings - some single family units ( like what you own ) , some duplexes and four plexes, and some high rise buildings with 50 condos per building. Now here is the problem- The grass looks like crap around the high rise blds. (because of all the traffic ) so they decide to put it to a vote to have the entire project relandscaped and add underground sprinkling. This will cost each condo owner $100 extra each month in dues if it goes through. So everyone votes and what do you think happened. Of course the people living in the single to 4 family condos have nice yards since they take care not to damage them vote no- BUT the people living cheaply in the 50 unit blds. see their lousy yards and vote yes. So because there are more people living in the 50 unit blds. then there are living in the other condos the vote passes. TELL ME IS THIS FARE?

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Super ..who would you vote for...give me a name...
also good point by the person who post before..Your a liberal you would not have a gas guzzling polluting probbaly go out getting signatures for your clean water act...when not on the board..come on know we are right...Get off Bush this is a time we need to stick him when election time comes around.....
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You want a name.....Thats tough...but maybe supercrash...or John Mcain...

Bill....I'm afraid to see the real truth.???..Lets print some facts..

Iran Contra did happen...
Congress did cut off financial support for the contras...
Reagan , Bush , Casey , and North all wanted to keep the money(100's of millions) flowing to the Contras...
They felt the Sandinistas were getting ugly and to close to the Soviets and thought they needed to help the contras even if it was illeagal....NOBODY DENIES there is no conspiracy here...

Now think about how to covertly raise money for a illeagal operation......thats why all of these frauds were commited...Bank fraud,securities fraud,real estate fraud,brokerage fraud,oil and gas fraud,insurance fraud......PLEASE POINT OUT WHERE I WENT WRONG....ypu guys take tons of jabs at me with namecalling and the such ...why don't you respond to my question with what you really think happened...?

Very funny how George Bush said in one of the debates that a new type of tank that was built is to ineffective , to heavy , and cannot fire accurately enough to be effective...Yet we just purchased 500 million dollars worth of these pieces of junk....Why would we do that....?....maybe because Carlye group is making them...and who makes tons of money off that deal and also sits on the Board...his DADDY.....Just because you guys hate me doesn't mean that this stuff is false..
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wow, I am glad I don't give a rats ass about any of this. Life is great, Florida weather is great, business is great. If you guys think any of the polititions you have up on a pedistal make life great, you guys are idiots. GO BOATING, I AM.
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