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How Fast Have You Been On A Boat ?

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160 mph. See avatar for further details
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A buddys 36 Nortech 126,105 Hustler

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112mph march 22 dcb twin 2.5's 89mph 21 couger with stock 300 and only 66 in the baja
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121 36 Nor-Tech Terry Sobo's boat, 86 in my 18ft mod v tunell, and 77.6 in my 36 baja
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Originally Posted by boating37 View Post
Yes it is ! 94 top speed on it looking to play around with some props, think it might have some more speed in it.
Thats if it does'nt sell.
I really liked that boat! I was taken for a test drive when it was for sale at MDG and still talk about the way it handled, but I just couldn't get the #'s to work at the time and went in a different direction. It was actaully brought up in conversation this past weekend with my buddy who was in the boat when we took it out.

Good luck with the sale.
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112mph in my Talon 22 over 16 years ago. That was actually considered pretty fast back then...
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160+ on Ronnie's Skater- Flight Club, during last years' Lake Cumberland Poker Run. Then topped that off, with cruising up & down Lake Cumberland on Mike's (Boatfreak) 37 AT, doing about 80-85, which was perfectly comfortable to me. I don't own a boat. I just shoot photos of them

Originally Posted by raceboat rus View Post
Several years ago I took my Godson out on my boat. This young man had suffered with juvenile diabetes since he was a baby. So at 19 years of age he had endured bouts with his health that many 4 times his age had not. His health was withering and most saddening this young man had lost his site . But this was a day to run the boat hard and have big fun.
As we took the boat off the trailer I was the Sherriff’s boat in the lake just ahead and I promptly went over so that he could inspect the boat, why not they always pull me over anyway. As the Deputy inspected the boat he saw that the young man was blind. He finished his inspection and we pulled away. My Godson and I pushed the boat hard many times going well over 90 mph. After a while or runnin and gunnin I thought lets let the young guy drive . My Godson was apprehensive at first but did get behind the wheel . I guided him around this giant lake with left and right pats on his shoulders . We went faster and faster as this amazing young man took control. We were soon going over 80 mph [ with a blind man at the controls].
The Sherriff’s boat was just ahead with shoulder pats and yelled instruction this Godson of mine went around past the deputy at about 82 mph . I waved the guide cane as we passed. I will never forget the look on the Deputy’s face; his eyes wide and his jaw dropped in a gasp of amazement . We ran around the lake some more but my Godson tired quickly as I am sure his heart was pounding like a jackhammer So we went back to the dock . There the Deputy was waiting .
I asked him to help me take my Godson back to the truck . Between us we carried this frail young man back to the truck. As I walked back to the boat I saw the deputy was laughing to himself . I asked him “what is It” and he explained that he looked to see if we were in violation ,but fond nothing in the law prohibiting a blind person from operating a boat, and even if he was to give us a ticket he could not see him self in court trying to convince a Judge that this frail young blind guy was airing out a boat on the lake at over 80mph.. The Deputy finally stated .” I will just put this in my amazing and cool file.”
My Godson held this adventure dear in his heart for the rest of his life, till our creator called him home .
His is the coolest thing I have ever done with my boat . I know that this is a bit long .. but its what having a fast boat is about
Awesome story & Experience.
James Eaton
Eaton Photography on Facebook
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Originally Posted by boating37 View Post
It took me 41 years to go over 100mph!
thats why I thought it was so cool. My boys have been 95ish in my boats. But, I really prefer to not run them over 60ish. thats fast enough for the little ones (in a 38-42' boat). My younger son had been 95 at 2 years old. Thought my ex was going to kill me. He loved it though
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146 in Georgian bay in a 40' cat.
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130ish in a cat with trip outboards 20 some odd years ago. it was blue.
45 mph in a tube behind yamaha jet boat on barnegat bay from tices to barnegat ramp. fell off once in famous barnegat bay chop...
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